Lee-Anne Peters – Living In Someone Else’s Dream! – 17 April 2012

Whether we are putting our dream expectations onto others, or others are expecting us to birth their dreams it doesn’t matter – how can someone other than the ‘dreamer’ really give the dream the life it needs? In most cases they can’t! Expectations are an interesting concept, one that has had me in deep thought over these past seven years. I am yet to find anything positive about an expectation as they tend to block the flow of energy.

It’s interesting living with someone who you aren’t happy with – trying all different ways to change the situation, to even change them so that you can be happy. I tried all of this and more, I was desperate to be happy. I played with this from different angles – wanting to change me, change him etc… What I did realise was that by trying to expect someone else to love me, make me happy, support me etc was unrealistic, because often these expectations never happen.

If at anytime we are left feeling disappointed, then we have had an expectation placed on the person or situation. If we didn’t have an expectation, then there would be no disappointment – do you agree?

My philosophy with living my dream has been one of independence and action, however from time to time I see others birth an idea and then expect others to bring it to life. Is it okay to do this – to put the pressure on others to follow the manifestation through to the end result? I guess there are many dreams and projects in the world that require MORE people and experts to bring it together – and that would be the case on a large scale, but what about the smaller projects?
It comes down to your heart – is your heart in it or not? If your heart isn’t in it, then it will feel like a burden or a drag. If your heart is in it, it will be effortless for you to flow with someone else’s project or dream.
What are your thoughts? Would you quite happily hand the reins of your dream / idea over to others to complete it? Would you put expectations and rules on the way it should be – even though you weren’t actively involved anymore? Has this happened to you before?

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