Lisa Gawlas – The Soul And The Human… Merging! Power Up!! – 17 April 2012

I feel that since the 15th of April my entire view of what is happening on earth has officially become a split screen view.  Above and Below!!

The “above” view is coming thru you.  Thru the blinding Light’s that show up on my field of readings.  Yesterday, the theme was straight from the soul: this is what you are doing on the larger scale, for humanity, now learn to do it in your personal life.

Two of the readings are very present with me this morning, the work their soul energy is doing, what was shown to us… truly shows the speed of change as well as the enormity of change on planet earth.  Both of which I am going to share, is  part of their mastery already being worked for all of humanity, as well as all those aligned with humanity.  It felt equally important for the human in which I was reading for… bring this mastery to their conscious life and work with it, on a much smaller and focused level.

The first lady unfolded on top of the dome of energy that is that special magnetosphere for those of us ready to play, full on, with the new super enhanced energy of Life.

She was on the left side of the dome, relating to the physical life energies and she had this most wonderful “Transmitter” quartz crystal in her right hand and she placed it into a very particular spot on the dome.  I started to understand that this dome of energy is a “crystalline magnetic grid,”  set up especially for those in alignment with its energy.  That would be us!! (smile)

I looked to see what the effect was of her placing this transmitter crystal into the dome was creating.  On the right side, directly across from where the crystal entered the dome I suddenly seen this most amazing spiraling (really large spiral, not all close together) rainbow energy that went up from the dome as far high as my field of vision could see.  I could see the correlation, but sure couldn’t understand it.

So I put my curious eye under the dome of energy and I could see this network of string energy crisscrossing each other yet completely connected to where her transmitter crystal was now penetrating into the dome and to the rainbow spiral.

I had to pull out my roof ladder, because I was so way over my head in conscious understanding of what was really transpiring.  Your readings are becoming a super workout for my brains!!  Thank you very much!!

All of a sudden, I could see sparks of light moving from the crystal, thru the string energy, up the rainbow spiral, out to other planets and Beings.  I suddenly realized that what she/we are doing here on earth, is actually being transmitted to all those other planetary Beings and changing and enhancing their own energy.  Their celestial biology is changing because humanity it changing!!

Can I tell ya, I about shit!  I knew we were changing… I knew we have other celestial Beings helping us thru this massive change.  I really never thought about how much we are changing them…. changing everything in all the multi-verses!!  That was a very humbling and profound moment.

I had also seen the reverse as well.  The energies coming from other planets, spiraling down this rainbow energy, going into the network of string energy and back into the transmitter crystal.

Suddenly I heard from our celestial friends to my client, she needs to really work with a transmitter crystal to start to become conscious of the communication network.  She is a messenger from the stars and will be bringing in information that has not been presented to humanity yet.  How exciting!!

All of a sudden, I could feel her own DNA, a blend of celestial DNA with her human DNA.  Not just one-off planet coding but I feel… four.  It is what is creating this direct line of energy flow, energy communication that is so fluid in her.  Incredible really!!

This reading alone would make an extraordinary sci-fi movie.  The next reading could very well be part two of a series!!

As I was trying to pull my brains back to myself and get ready for the next reading on my schedule… (was not an easy task) I should have just let them out there (brains in space lol) because the next reading stretched me even further.

She unfolded on top of the magnetosphere as the one above did, but with an amazing twist!!  She had what looked like a cross between a ladder and a bridge set up directly over the dome.  It was dome-shaped and there wasn’t even a whole two inches between her fancy ladder/bridge and the dome of energy itself.

At first I thought it was a bridge, it completely went from the left side to the ride side over the dome of energy.  As I looked closer, I realized it was like a ladder, rungs set up all the way from one side to the other.  The space between the rungs tho… they were interesting.  Like a very purposeful, enhanced energy window.  Each with its own vibration and location on the dome, equally, on earth too. The entire ladder was colored, emitting a full spectrum of rainbow energy.

She actually was set up almost in the same place as the lady prior to her.  She had her knees on one of the rungs of the ladder and she had something in her hand and was placing it in a very particular space in one of the areas between the rungs.  As I was watching her intently… everything, including her very body was radiating the subtle movement of rainbow energy.  It was as if every breath, every movement changed the rainbow energy that was the ladder, her and as I looked closer… the flower she was planting in the dome of energy.

My nosey eyes honed in on that flower… I started to recognize it fully.  It was a flower that represents Shambhala.  What the hell is she doing??

I need a consciousness upgrade PRIOR to readings, not during them!! lol

I about had a baby when I realized what she was doing!  I followed the energy thread of the single Shambhala flower she was quite literally planting (energetically) into the dome of energy to a human.  Not just any humans… but very particularly those humans whose current energy fields, energy bodies as well as their clarity of consciousness resonates with the crystalline grid housed on earth for the upcoming acceleration.

The windows she was using to plant within was creating a larger magnetic field within various landscapes on earth.  All for the series (and I heard that clearly as I was running to keep up with the in-flowing information thru her) of major activations coming up… first one starting on April 23rd.  Then May, then October.  But I also felt hidden activation’s prior to as well as after Oct.  I have not seen a thing past Oct… yet!!

The one coming up on the 23rd will full on turn every energy particle “on” to be ready for the pull, the magnetic reverberation that will take place around our Solar Eclipse on May 20th.

Once again tho, her soul, the field, said she really needs to be conscious of what she is doing on a smaller scale.  So she can work with all that she is already doing for her personal created reality.

She was even given an exercise to do, which I will share in detail in a separate post as soon as I have time.   We can all do this!!

I also want to say as well, Mastery is already within you.  Bringing this to your consciousness is not nearly as time-consuming and difficult as learning to do something new.  Of course, you know me, I have got to give a shout out for meditation… that is the quickest, most efficient way to remember the mastery within!!

So that is what is really happening Above!  We are working our Light Tails off!!

But being on the ground… god knows, in my own personal reality feels extraordinarily different.  Pay close attention to your current themes happening right now.

What I do understand right now that is happening to everyone, is, as always, a two-fold event.  We can look at our DNA as a before and after picture.  We came into this current life with a whole set of DNA, energy codes to make sure we went thru the experiences we needed to to really clear our karmic closet.  If we didn’t clear it, the energy became bigger, louder, more unmistakable to resolve with each trigger in our life.

There are many on earth now with a bulging energy code in their incarnated DNA for clearing (or not.)

Once cleared, your new, codes can come down and be placed in the area of the cleared codes.  This is what ascension is all about!!  Living a whole new life, with a fully different set of soul blue prints.  A higher vibrating set of DNA codes that isn’t weighted down with past karma.

This full on energy change out that took place from April 11th thru the 13th.  Thru several of the readings on Saturday the 14th it became clear we are going to be walking a very powerful, very important path thru the 28th of April.  From the 28th of April thru to the 3rd of May I could see a bridge thru the readings… this bridge places you into your next created reality for the following year (again, heard that year timeline thru several readings.)  It almost feels like we will expand exponentially over the next year, or explode to pieces from unresolved issues.  We always have our choice in the unfolding.  Paying attention to your current theme(s) right now is giving you (us) more clues that you may even realize.

I personally have two super strong themes playing out right now, enhanced with unmistakable clarity since the 14th of April.

Family and money.  Until this very moment, I never seen how much one affects the other in my life.

Man oh man… it’s crazy to watch your own resent history play connect the dots!!  I suppose (since I am seeing it so clearly now) that this leg of my journey actually started last year (August) when I thought I moved back to Virginia to live with my son and grandson and daughter-in-love.  Only to have the entire root system of that relationship completely pulled up and shook out, dried out, changed and only being replanted this past February, when his life irrevocably changed forever (Thank God)…  and it all lead me back here to my beloved New Mexico at the end of November.  Once I arrived back in New Mexico, I was so sick for two solid weeks.  I knew the full on energy of my past was burning from my energy field… but who ever really knows what that means?  I sure don’t.  Understanding what is happening in the moment rarely allows for understanding for what is to come!

My son, the only male in my entire life that has always been a constant part of my life and one of the greatest mirrors of my own soul.  Truly the Divine Masculine made manifest (and constant) in my life.

I spent the core of my healing years dealing with my own childhood and mother issues.  God knows I had a slew of them.  Equally in that intense healing period was looking at myself as a parent.  The sheer amount of dysfunction and issues I gave to all three of my kids had always made me sad.  I suppose a lingering guilt remained… until I watched my son become a father.

Any lingering guilt I had of being a parent was swept clean when I watched my sons heart burst open with the love of his son.  He changed his whole life, his approach to life, his priorities, even his relationships.  All because he had a son.  Me too!!  All of a sudden, thru the heart and actions of my son, I also seen the gifts I gave to my children.  The love of parenthood, of creation and taking care of creation itself.

He, like me, spent his childhood without his real father in his life.  Also like me, he did meet him and get to know him for a very brief while at the same age as I had when I was young.  Strange really.

I never put a value on father energy until I seen my son become the most wonderful father on earth and how much his son loves him and how he is putting every ounce of love (and money) into making sure his son will always have his father in his life.  My whole heart wells up for the love of a father to his child.

So am I surprised with that pure love energy burst into my own life on April 14th…. more than you will ever know.

I have spent the last 11 years making sure every ounce of anger, guilt, unworthiness, etc was purged from my energy stream.  I could have never in a million years realized that not only do we suppress negative feelings, but also really positive feelings.

Not only did I realize we can suppress them, they can be soooo squished down at the bottom of the barrel, you don’t even realize they exist.  But man oh man…. after I completed my sharing on the 15th, and I looked a picture I created of my children and my father next to each other a volcano erupted.  Wave after wave of tears bellowing out of my eyes.  I couldn’t even catch the feelings of the tears they just bellowed and spewed.

After about two hours of this intense wave after wave of release, I took a bath, gotta check the fullness of the bottom of the barrel… weird really… there I was, in 1976 again.  In my fathers house.  I could see every detail as if I was truly there.  The only detail I could not find was where was the bathroom?  Strange really.  I walked the house, the layout so visible… I re-entered various time lines, relationships with my 5 siblings.  Ice skating on a pond in the back yard.  Loving the mother energy of his wife.  She never made me feel like I didn’t belong.

Weird, all I can think about in this vivid meditation is why can I not remember where the bathroom is?  I could see every detail so clearly, room to room, outside, neighbors… but no remembrance of a bathroom.

Of course, bathrooms are significant in my life.  Cleanings, healing, digestive releasing… I had tucked him, all of them, so far away inside of me I had no conscious link to them.

And yet they burst into my life carrying armfuls of joy and love and excitement.  What the hell do you do with all that?  Ya cry!!  A lot!!

It is strange, like a whole new pool of water suddenly came gushing into my life.   And I observe something so strange in this father tree.  A love of each other.  Marriages spanning decades.  Siblings living in close nit relationship to each other.  That is so foreign to the relationships I was raised in let me tell ya!!

People searching for a person who was barely a blip in their lives.

The masculine energy has been flooding into my life since my son filed his custody papers for his own son.  I have never realized how much money, a very masculine energy is linked to our masculine DNA.  Until today.

I have watched with absolute weirdness my own schedule this last week, bend, change, remove replant… I almost never have a reschedule or cancellation on my calendar, for which I am so grateful.  This past week was filled with them.  One booking pulling out, another filling in, that booking pulling out, another filling in…

But if that wasn’t strange (not to mention, hard to keep up with lol) but I had a lady from the UK book a reading last week for 2 days ago… she paid me in GPB thru paypal.  I have never seen foreign currency come thru paypal, it has always been converted before its arrival (let me tell you, I am in absolute foreign territory in every aspect of my life, so it is fitting really.)  We got it changed over to american money and all was good… we thought.

Yesterday I was notified by paypal that her bank refused payment.  Paypal took my entire deposit that should have been planted into my bank account today… back.  What the hell?  Why does paypal need $236 to cover a $30 payment??

Thru it, the shock of it (that is my theme these days, lets see how much we can shock Lisa… can we remember the lightning bolts coming down from everywhere the other day… I wrote about it in a blog.)

I went to my paypal account and redirected my deposit back into my bank account minus enough money to cover the banks reversal.  They still held it hostage!!  I called paypal!!  What they heck ya doing folks?  They released the remaining balance within the next hour.

Better yet… what is the bigger message here?

Our entire root system has been pulled up.  Period.  We are ALL being refilled with a brand new energy, a brand new approach to all of our lives.  Allowing for that which is foreign to work itself out or in, depending on which is needed to fulfill the incoming energy and our DNA codes.

I find it very interesting, in my own life and experiences I will be going to Virginia tomorrow in support of my sons fight to be able to love his son on one of the greatest power nodes we have ever seen, April 23rd.  I even find it interesting that his court date time is 2pm… Duality!!

Plaintiffs: Love vs Fear.

Love has truly burst asunder on planet earth in every energy system there is.  I am swimming in bliss trying too catch my breath every single day… a brand new breath I am so grateful to breath in and keep up with!!

Of course, in this timely walk forward, the sun has burst asunder too!!  Knocked me out all afternoon and evening.  I slept pretty much from 2pm thru 3am… phew!!  Power up!!

Well, now that I have once again created a mini-noval, it will make up for a blog-less tomorrow.  I will be leaving at 5am and arrive in VA at 5pm. Ahhhh change is everywhere!!

May we/you all allow the foreign energy of our current moment be the blessings that unfold for you as we journey towards May!!

I love you all, so much and so much more than that.  Thank you for Being!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and awe!

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