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Visionkeeper – Living In A Cartoon …..- 17 April 2012

Okay, I don’t know about any of you, but to me, life seems to get more like a cartoon everyday. It cannot be possible that what is going on is really going on. If things were not so serious in nature one would have to laugh hysterically, but things are serious, extremely serious, and this very fact leaves all of us wondering just what the heck we are supposed to do about it. That is the feeling I think we are all beginning to feel so strongly. That worry of what the heck are we going to do? The very fact things have dragged along at an incredibly slow pace only adds to people’s worries and doubts. Are we doing the right thing, are we being duped yet again, is ascension really going to happen? All good questions and I don’t think a soul on earth has the truthful answer. We are all bobbing about being tossed in rough seas in the same boat, no compass, no idea where we are going, all praying loudly for help from God. This journey did not come with a flight plan.  It would seem we the people are at the helm trying to figure out all the buttons and dials, trying to figure out if we are going in the right direction. Continue reading

John Ward – Euroblown : The Grisley Necrophilia Of The Mad Elites Is Merely The Overture – 17 April 2012

‘Lagarde praised reform efforts by Italy’s government and said market confidence had improved since Rome agreed to enhanced surveillance by the IMF. She also saw progress in Spain.’ (Reuters website this morning)

Veteran Sloggers will know that I had Mme Lagarde taped as a prime example of divine idiocy in human form way back during the days when she oversaw France’s descent into unrepayable debt. Somehow – and I’d imagine DSK would very much like to know how – she clawed her way up to the IMF job. And there she sits today, a person still incapable of exponential extrapolation, saying that Italy is improving and there’s progress in Spain. Continue reading

Lucas – Do You Belief Or Know? – You Decide! – 17 April 2012

It is election time in the good old USA.  That country that lots of older people in Europe see as the power that liberated them from WWII, the economic power that exported freedom and wealth and lots of good things. The most people if they still believe think of the USA as the land of freedom and opportunities. Other countries over the world see the USA as oppressor, invader and or  liberator. That is a divers lot of thoughts. Continue reading

Jean Haines – Here Are The Fed Transcripts That Dylan Ratigan Is About To Release – 17 April 2012

Dylan Ratigan

DylanRatigan.com The Federal Reserve has agreed to make the transcripts of Federal Open Market Committee meetings held between 2007 and 2010 open to the public, pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request.

The minutes, which have been heavily redacted, give some insight into what the Federal Reserve was doing when the country headed into its deepest financial crisis since the Great Depression. Continue reading

Dolores Cannon – The Three Waves Of Volunteers & The Earth (Repost) – 17 April 2012

Uploaded by linuxfrik 20 juli 2011 on Youtube. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Spain Government May Take Over Some Regions Finances; Spanish 10 Year Yield His 6.15%,CFSpain Government May Take Over Some Regions’ Finances; Spanish 10-Year Yield His 6.15%, CDS At Record High; Mission Impossible – 17 April 2012

Madrid Threatens Intervention as Regional Debt Worries Mount

The Financial Times reports Madrid threatens to intervene in regions

Madrid has threatened to seize budgetary control of wayward Spanish regions as early as May if they flout deficit limits, officials said – as investors took fright at the fragility of some eurozone economies. Continue reading

Tyler Durden – The Implications Of A Failed Monetary System – 17 April 2012

Tyler Durden's pictureby Tyler Durden


Santiago Capital has put together a concise and highly informative 10 minutes video, which explains in the amount of time that a traditional economics professor takes to prepare their coffee, virtually everything that is at risk, and fundamentally flawed, with the current monetary system. While this presentation will not be news to regular readers, we suggest it is watched with recent revelations elsewhere (certainly not here: this has been the default assumption here since day one), that it is flow, not stock that matters to price formation. Which means the exponential curve discussed below will only get ever steeper to asymptote, if the true purpose of the Fed is simply to ramp stocks come hell or high water, in its artificial pursuit of “price stability.”

Go here to listen to video:


http://www.ascendingstarseed.wordpress.com link to original article

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Playing In A Field Of Flowers – 17 April 2012

God said:

And so, beloveds, you play in a field of flowers, yet you perceive Earth as a mine field. From one view, it is. You can’t rely on the world. It shifts in sand constantly. Nevertheless, the world’s foundation goes very deep and very high. It is solid. It cannot be shaken. The world’s foundation never trembles. It never wavers. It cannot be shaken. The foundation is immutable. The house built in the minds of men is subject to disturbances of various kinds, some earthshaking. Nevertheless, the Earth is built on a secure foundation, an unshakable foundation. You who stand on this foundation can shake all over the place, and, yet, you are not shaken at all. Continue reading

Lee-Anne Peters – Living In Someone Else’s Dream! – 17 April 2012

Whether we are putting our dream expectations onto others, or others are expecting us to birth their dreams it doesn’t matter – how can someone other than the ‘dreamer’ really give the dream the life it needs? In most cases they can’t! Expectations are an interesting concept, one that has had me in deep thought over these past seven years. I am yet to find anything positive about an expectation as they tend to block the flow of energy. Continue reading

Wes Annac – The Hathors Of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Celestial Miracles, Energetic Bleed-Throughs And The Three Days Period Of Light – 16 April 2012

Thanks to Lisa (wolfke74) for the Image

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The pure Logos energy being sent through the sky of Gaia at this time is beginning to become too pure to go unnoticed by you all. We ‘caution’ you to expect so very many things that you will not expect upon the initial disclosures and revelations that will be surfacing. The most noticeable and unique aspects of Gaia’s ascension into ever-purer realms of consciousness must be preceded by events of a celestial nature that show that all that is happening on your world is reflecting the ongoing ascension in progress currently. Continue reading