Visionkeeper – Living In A Cartoon …..- 17 April 2012

Okay, I don’t know about any of you, but to me, life seems to get more like a cartoon everyday. It cannot be possible that what is going on is really going on. If things were not so serious in nature one would have to laugh hysterically, but things are serious, extremely serious, and this very fact leaves all of us wondering just what the heck we are supposed to do about it. That is the feeling I think we are all beginning to feel so strongly. That worry of what the heck are we going to do? The very fact things have dragged along at an incredibly slow pace only adds to people’s worries and doubts. Are we doing the right thing, are we being duped yet again, is ascension really going to happen? All good questions and I don’t think a soul on earth has the truthful answer. We are all bobbing about being tossed in rough seas in the same boat, no compass, no idea where we are going, all praying loudly for help from God. This journey did not come with a flight plan.  It would seem we the people are at the helm trying to figure out all the buttons and dials, trying to figure out if we are going in the right direction.

From the comments and emails I get, people are very discouraged right now, they feel let down and manipulated yet again. There seems to be a loosing of faith , a faltering in step. I truly believe we are being tested big time for our ability to trust and stand strong in a violent storm with unwavering conviction. I guess we are being tested as if in an exam as to whether we are worthy to graduate to 5D. I can think of no other answer for what is going on. It is difficult to endure and takes every ounce of our strength and our commitment to stay the course and continue on with this journey. Those of us who have felt lost at sea without a paddle or rudder for most of our lives, suddenly sprang awake with new found purpose because we truly felt our calling to man the boats and help to bring this shift to a positive ending. So what the heck is going on?

Are we doing the right thing? I don’t know, it sure feels like it most of the time. I say most because there are times we all question and stumble and doubt. It is human nature and we are still humans after all, we are not in 5D yet! I think we need to take a deep breath and step back for a moment, go into our hearts and focus on what we have learned. We must not forget our mission and why we are here. We are the anchors of the light, we are the cruise directors in a sense who are answering questions, making suggestions about what people can do or where they should go to catch the elevator going up. We are here to stay in our hearts, to hold the love and compassion the whole earth needs so desperately right now. We cannot give up the ship, we are needed to keep things humming along, we are relied upon to collect the light and shine it upon the darkness.

We are all tired and frustrated and at times doubtful of what is going on, but if we are to fulfill our duties we must keep all of those emotions under control and be of help to others who are lost and afraid and in need of direction. This is what we signed on for, we said yes to this mission before we came here, now is not a time to throw in the towel. I believe we are all putting way too much attention on looking for proof rather than practicing being true to our ability to trust in the unseen with all of our hearts. This is what we were asked to do and if we are going to be successful at our jobs we cannot be side tracked by needing proof to keep going. Needing proof is yet another ploy of the 3rd dimension.  Trusting in our hearts and not faltering is truly 5D thinking and being. There is no room for doubt or questioning in 5D, you either believe or you don’t, simple as that.

We are being asked to release our 3D thinking and being and stretch ourselves beyond those limits to trusting and believing with love in our hearts without proof. That is a tough call but nobody said moving from 3D to 5D was going to be easy. We find ourselves reacting with 3D emotions and wonder why things are not changing! As Albert Einstein once said “You can’t change problems with the same minds that created them”. That is exactly what we are doing when we ask for proof if we are going to continue. Each of these obstacles are tests we are undergoing to see if we are ready to release the 3D world and move forward. Are we being true to our word or are we backtracking? I think we all need to seriously think about that.

Blessings to you all,

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One response to “Visionkeeper – Living In A Cartoon …..- 17 April 2012

  1. So true as I watch my husband who is glued to the Internet-so many “messages now from so many” as my husband was laid off so I know deep down he’s worried about money.
    This is what I know. I’m not worried about nothing. Period. My husband still has “MOODS” YOU CAN NOT HAVE MOODS PEOPLE YOU MUST KEEP THE LIGHT BE HAPPY…….so frustrating to me. You can’t “pretend” to be happy, ok either, I see right thru that. So wake up happy, stop watching the BS “news” for an announcement, LIVE YOUR LIFE…….
    Is it not enough to KNOW? Aren’t you at least glad you KNOW what is happening do you realize if you really know (it’s not a “want thing”)you’d just BE happy. Being a light worker being happy is so easy for me, it’s the way I’ve been my entire life and I’ve had many and I mean many life obstacles.
    So just BE. If your sitting around waiting for ?? keep waiting and your also wasting LIFE time. That’s what your not understanding.
    What’s the rush? Being Light Workers you should feel nothing but excitement. You should be waking up happy every single day because YOU know what is coming. You should enjoy this 3D time as much as you can because once 3D is over it’s OVER.
    It’s kind of like when my daughter was 12 and she was acting 17, I explained this to her, “you will never be 12 again, so please act 12, BE 12, ENJOY 12…..” it worked she got the message.
    So you know what is going on be thankful. I’m very thank ful for every second I breathe. Now enjoy the 3D and relax 5D we know is happening, you can FEEL it can you not?
    XOXOXO Namaste’