Steve Beckow – The Mass Arrests Will Remove The Cabal Completely – 18 April 2012

On April 16, the Huffington Post featured a story on CISPA (the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act), which raised fears that the cabal was trying anew to censor the Internet. (1)

Has the cabal the power any longer to curtail our civil rights and bring in a repressive new world order?   Let’s take a moment to look in more depth at the subject of the attempts to take away our rights and freedoms, the planned mass arrests of the cabal, and the legal proceedings that will follow them.

Long ago (2008), Matthew Ward assured us that we need not fear initiatives like CISPA and that promise has not lost its relevance or promise today:  “Plans based in darkness will not come to fruition and all cruel and unjust laws, policies and traditions will be struck down and in their stead, love and fairness will reign.” (2)

Matthew has regularly issued calming messages to us about all aspects of the dark’s efforts to strip us of our civil rights and imprison those who oppose the cabal. Here are some of them:

April 1, 2012: “There will be no filled detention camps or application of ominous new or proposed laws, and none of the other fearful-sounding possibilities or claims will come to pass either.” (3)

Sept. 21, 2009: “Disclosure of ages old deception is on your very near horizon, and once there is the first hole in the dike that has been holding back long hidden truths, the outpouring will create shock waves around your world. The enormity of lies, greed, collusion, corruption and heinous acts committed by groups under the Illuminati umbrella will be staggering as they are disclosed, but more so will be the emergence of truth about religions and their dogmas. Everything that the darkness has contrived to enslave Earth’s peoples for millennia literally will “come to light” after a period of great upheaval.” (4)

May 21, 2008: “More evidence of this dual energetic influence are the ever increasing numbers of stories about people in all walks of life, from small townships to national and international bodies, who have been engaged in such [activities] as sexual molestation, embezzlement, bribery, robbery, illegal business negotiations, child pornography and blatant lies; and at the other end of this particular spectrum is the truth being disclosed. Eventually there will be no ‘sacred cows’ remaining as nefarious activities even in long-honored institutions keep emerging into the limelight.

“This ‘housecleaning’ within governments, religions, banking, corporations, education, commerce, medicine and health care—every source that has been instrumental in forming your beliefs and conscripting your activities—will continue until all those sources of deception and corruption have been purged. This spiritual and moral cleansing is in tandem with, and is as imperative to your world as, the geographic cleansing, so please don’t feel dismayed or disgusted as one after another of these exposures comes forth—instead, welcome their ‘coming to light’ because each is another step forward to Earth’s Golden Age.” (5)

What Matthew has been telling us would happen for a number of years is now about to occur.

Recently I reposted a March 1, 2012 message from Matthew in which he said that “military leaders are cooperating with the light forces to impede aggression by troops still in the Illuminati camp, and the destruction of some of their cavernous underground areas has halted heinous experiments and other covert activities.” (6) Unfortunately he does not say that our military helped in the destruction of the underground bunkers. If he had, that would have established that the military was cooperating as of last August.

I’m quite sure the Navy was cooperating by that time and earlier, but not as sure about the Army or the Air Force.

Let’s now turn to what SaLuSa of the Galactic Federation, speaking through Mike Quinsey, has said about the upcoming mass arrests and clean sweep of the Illuminati stables.  SaLuSa reveals that “you have been totally misled about your rights, that have been slowly taken from you to remove your independence. Your enslavement was been very carefully planned, and you were nearly under the total control of the Illuminati.” (7) Our enslavement had been planned millennia ago, he says.

“Your rights would have been strictly controlled and curtailed, so that you had little freedom unless you conformed to the new world order. It has not come about overnight, but has been planned for millennia of time. Slowly and almost unnoticed you have been fooled and misled so that you gave your rights away. There were plenty of warnings, but you were lulled into a false sense of security. You need to understand the reasons so that you fully benefit from the experiences.” (8)

As far back as May 3, 2010, he said it would be impossible for the Illuminati to stem the tide of freedom.

“It is in fact too late for the last cabal to stop the incoming tide that will sweep away the dross and lies, that have brought about your problems. … Fortunately, you have since seen through their plan to enslave you, and bring it about by creating chaos and taking away your sovereign rights.” (9)

On two occasions, he said that our rights would be restored and all unjust laws struck down.

June 14, 2010: “There will be changes in your laws so that justice can be seen to be operating in a fair manner. Your rights will be restored and fully protected, so that you cannot be held or imprisoned without sufficient evidence. It is also important that you are allowed legal representation as your right, and not held guilty until it is proven.

“Equally as important will be a re-structuring of the powers given to those who apply the law and police your streets. In actual fact, once we come to your Earth and address your problems, and people see a brighter future ahead, the level of crime will dramatically fall.” (10)

Feb. 22, 2012: “You will be freed from the many unjust laws that the dark Ones have brought in, and people unfairly imprisoned will be released. It sounds like a lot of time will be needed to bring it all about, but you shall be astonished at how quickly matters will move. We come nearer to that time when it shall commence in such a way, that you will know for certain what is taking place.” (11)

Not only would crime be eradicated but war as well, he told us Feb. 20, 2012.

“It is a Divine Decree that your cycle of duality ends with war having been totally eradicated, and peace having been firmly established. For too long your rights have been taken away, and the time has been reached for them to be totally restored. The old paradigm is now defunct, and will draw no more energy to sustain it any longer. A new day has commenced that will bloom into its magnificence with Ascension.” (12)

We can expect to have the extent of corruption revealed to us and all the agents of corruption replaced.

“Until you learn how you have been manipulated and used by the dark Ones, you will have little idea of how far their tentacles reached. Even some judges who you may have thought were beyond bribery and corruption are involved. None shall escape as we know exactly who has been guilty, and have all the evidence that will convict them. Your societies will become cleansed and start again with people you know you can trust. They will be responsible for implementing new laws, and revival of the Constitution that upholds your rights.” (13)

In this new era, “your rights will be restored, and power returned to the people.” (14)

Finally the Galactic Federation through Greg Giles gives more details on what to expect during the mass arrests. First of all they will come quickly and with little warning.

“The changes you wish to see in your world will come as a thief in the night. One moment your world will carry on with the hustling and bustling of the old paradigm, then suddenly, nothing that you have come to know as your reality will ever be the same. …

“What will happen is a complete and thorough uprooting of the organizations of your world who have engaged in agendas and activities to pilfer the people’s money and resources as well as strip them of their rights and their health in order to further imprison them in their own world.”  (15)

The arrests will come as the result of much legal planning and preparation.

“These are, of course, very serious charges, and that is one of the reasons much work has had to be done behind the scenes before justice could be dispensed. We have reached the point where all the necessary paperwork and initial legal proceedings are completed, and the time has now come to begin these arrests of the leaders and participants of the criminal empire we have referred to as the Cabal. …

“Much has been put into these proceedings and a tremendous amount of preparation was needed, so we are sure you will understand why none of this could be rushed as sufficient time to make sure all matters were handled properly was called for. We are confident you will agree once the magnitude and scope of these proceedings is made clear to you.” (16)

The GF says it cannot be overly specific yet of exactly who will be arrested.

“The Cabal, of course, is not an official name of any of these groups, as there are so many different groups and individuals who swear their alliance to them that using only one of these group’s names would send a wrong message of who is controlling your world and who will soon be facing justice for their crimes.

“There are also many individuals who have conspired and have taken part in these many crimes who do not consider themselves allied with any particular organization. They too will face the consequences of their actions, and will be held just as responsible as those affiliated with any of these groups.

“There are many of these individuals and many groups as well involved in serious crimes against you, the people, and through these arrests and many more to come in the following days ahead our intentions are to destroy these alliances. …

“It has been decided by all involved that these organizations must be abolished, and abolished they will be. They will not be permitted to regroup again. We see this as one of the most significant events in the history of your world, and our hopes are that many of you will as well.”  (17)

Once the news of mass arrests is announced, the GF knows that at least the lightworkers will realize that something Earth-shaking is happening.

“Upon the news broadcasts of these arrests, all those who had been informed of this event and what it means will understand that something truly Earth changing is happening. This is what we are hoping for, and much rides on this part of the plan. We appreciate greatly all of you doing your part to see this phase of the plan reach a successful conclusion. Readings indicate great numbers of you are being exposed to this news, and we are very encouraged by this. Please continue on in your efforts, they will soon pay off for all of you.” (18)

And what will happen after the arrests? The GF through Greg reveals a few of the details:

“Moving ahead to matters after these initial arrests, there will be a great many legal proceedings before courts all across your world. These proceedings will be handled by those who have demonstrated their commitment and integrity in seeking justice in these matters, and you can be assured there will be no unjust bias permitted in any court where these proceedings will be handled. We will oversee these proceedings, and from our vantage point we will know if these cases are proceeding justly or not.

“No one, no matter their seat of power, connections, or financial stature will be able to successfully manipulate any of these proceedings. You can be assured of this, and any attempts to do so will be met with additional charges and harsh penalties. We have made ourselves clear on this.” (19)

The purification that is begun with the removal of the cabal will continue until all darkness has been removed from the Earth prior to Ascension.

“Your world is to be purified of all that is dark; this is what is planned for this Earth. These proceedings are merely the beginning as the light will continue to spread far and it will spread wide all across your planet, and these proceedings are the pebble splashing into the pond. The ripple effects will continue all the way up to your ascension, where a complete purification of all that is dark will take place. …

“These proceedings are being carried out in order to help facilitate a smooth transition leading to your ascension, as it was decided these dark ones and their alliances would be too disruptive a force and needed to be removed from your societies. Upon removal of these dark ones, we see an upsurge in your collective vibration, and we would like to see the greatest possible boost from this event.” (20)

Thus the Company of Heaven is telling us that we don’t need to fear cabalistic measures designed to take our freedom away. None will succeed and those that are passed will be rolled back. The enormity of the cabal’s greed and corruption is about to exposed and its members arrested and prosecuted.  This housecleaning will not stop until all criminal and immoral elements are purged and even after, until Ascension, more and more darkness existing on the Earth will be eliminated until none remains.

Unjust laws will be rolled back and people unlawfully imprisoned will be released. The military will help in these operations and the courts will prosecute the cases. Our rights will be restored and power returned to the people.  All this will happen quickly when it does. But much planning and preparation will have gone into it. Nothing now can prevent the defeat and removal of the cabal or push back the time at which the restoration of the people and their rights will begin.


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  1. THANKS FOR A RECAP for the newbies…but for us old folks that been around for years…it is getting to be “same story different day” every week, month, year!! Time to get this show on the road…show us ACTION! behind these years of messages! because it is getting old!

  2. Scaredypants

    What about Monarchy? Will there be arrests and if so will monrachies around the world collapse? The scope of all this is potentially far reaching.
    Or will some monarchs step down to allow family members with more integrity to take the reigns?
    Will there be arrests in the UK? There must be many cabal in the UK

    • Normally I will not post comments that are directed to other authors articles unless it is imnportant.
      I think you have a good question here! What I understood of Fulford is that they wanted Prince William on the Throne and Elizabeth should be resigning as temporary measure. We need no kings and queens, emperors any more. The kingdoms I think will all die out as feodalism was invented a long time ago. And is a relict of the old power bases of authority and inslavement. Also many religions show us hierarchical structures for instance the Pope and his clerical hiearachy. I think personaly that some groups that now are helping to make a new financial structure or are fighting the dark cabal want a sort of new Kingdoms. But will not succeed in it. It is not any more from this time and in line with doing what is best for all and not again for a few that seem to have blue blood or think to have. All our blood is red. We are One. I hope my answer was helpful!
      Love and Light, Lucas