Visionkeeper – Humor – 18 April 2012

I think more than anything these days we need to remember humor! We seem so serious and often down trodden. The creator did not create us to suffer in life. As with everything he did, he gave us the choice in how we lived our lives. Who in heaven’s name said ascension had to be grueling? Why can we not find humor in it as well? If there is a good cartoonist amongst my readers I challenge you to begin creating a daily cartoon about ascension so we can retrieve our humor from the trash can. yes the solar flares are very intense and rattle our nerves to the core. Not much we can do about them as that is where our information we need is coming from and we can’t stop them anyway. So we must remember to ‘ Glow with the flow ‘ as my friend J so aptly created. Trying to fight what is going on, allowing ourselves to become frustrated and agitated is a waste of much-needed energy! We need to conserve our energy for shinning the light. The above picture I found wonderful humor in and it suits me perfectly.

So laugh. We must not get so caught up in the process we forget the healing joy brings as well. The beauty that is all around us. The birds have returned with constant birdsong, the trees are exploding in different hues of vibrant greens, the flowers are beginning to emerge, the temperatures have warmed and life is still moving forward. If we make time for laughter and joy that will complete the picture. What more do we need? Yes the craziness continues and insanity seems to be the rule for the day, but that shouldn’t stop us from creating our own realities of joy and humor as well. Do you know what brings you joy deep within? Many people really don’t surprisingly enough. Take time to figure out what brings your life joy and try to incorporate it into your life now. Be with friends and find ways to laugh.

There must be balance for us to be successful with our mission. Remember that saying ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?’ Or how about ‘ A clean house makes for a dull housewife’… The essence of these sayings is telling us we need balance, some good with the bad, some joy with the sorrow, some laughs with the tears. I believe this is one of the reasons we are having such a difficult time of it right now. We are concentrated on looking for the change, feeling the shift, watching the drama, but we are not incorporating laughter and joy into our lives. Now that the temperatures are warming up be creative with your free time. Throw a picnic lunch in a basket and head out into nature where you can just be. Plan a block party with your neighbors, or a pot luck dinner. Till up a new space for a flower garden or start container gardens that will bring you beautiful flowers to add color and beauty to your life. Break out of the box!!!

Whatever it is you have been dwelling in lately, step out of it for a while. Get off the computer and rejoin the world. Staying stuck in our ruts does not allow fun or newness to enter in to our lives. The thrill of something new energizes us and once energized our creativity explodes to life. We must stop taking everything, including ourselves so seriously! All of this disaster is going to change! The shift is happening so continue to believe and act on your beliefs. If we want to get to 5D then we have to be more willing to let go of these limiting ways we live our lives. We are being asked to stretch out beyond our comfort zones and TRUST! We can’t do anything we need to do in 3D mindset. So be brave, open up, let yourself go and ENJOY!

It is time to let our need for proof go! We must take that frantic energy we expended on looking for proof and put it back into our hearts where it belongs! We must spend our time being and giving love.  If we change ourselves we change the world. Don’t forget that! Everything about this shift begins first with changing ourselves. Like the ripples on a pond when a stone is tossed. We change ourselves and that change ripples out to those around us. If we are being and giving love those around us must do the same or move on, for energy attracts like energy. So remember to have a laugh and find joy in your life, forget the proof and glow with the flow. We will get to the end of this tunnel soon if we just stay focused on what is needed from us and stay away from the rest of it. Stop looking and waiting and questioning if this is it…This IS it, now move on with your life!

Blessings to you all,

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