Visionkeeper – Watering Your Garden With Tears Of Desire! – 18 April 2012

Well I am up brighter and earlier than I expected!  Why just be awake and drink coffee when I can so do a little sharing too!!  Besides if I don’t get the exercise I talked about yesterday into the written word, I may not have enough memory to write it later!!

First, tho, I just want to share some exciting thing I had seen thru several of the readings.  They all show us just how incredibly close we are to what we have all be working to hard to get to.  Even if “that” remains an illusive idea.

My first lady came sliding down a rainbow to the field of earth.  This beautiful rainbow slide was pretty much from way up in the sky and connected straight to that dome of energy.  I really didn’t get the significance of her sliding down that rainbow until later yesterday as I was stringing the days messages together.  She is an avid mediator, has been for 13 years.  This slide represented taking all the higher wisdom she has gained thru her years of meditation and really putting it all into use within the field.

The most interesting part of her reading, something we can all benefit from so much was when I had seen her enter the field within the dome of energy.  She kneeled down on the ground in the center of the field, where there is this… portal, hole in the ground… not quite sure what it is really, but it is consistently there with a powerful energy.  All of a sudden I could see this massive stream of energy coming from deep within her sacral plexus (the area between her solar plexus and sacral chakra) moving up almost like in a reverse waterfall… and moved out her eyes in intense tears.  There was such a purity in these tears, a longing like I have never felt before.

I watched her as she cried and cried and her tears fell to earth and into that portal thingie in the center of the field.  As her tears were falling suddenly she had something in her hand and was planting it in the ground near the hole in the ground.  It was a flower that represented Shambhala.  Her longing was for Home.  For the love and beauty that is Heaven and thru her tears, she was planting that very energy… calling those who feel like she does to her.

Perhaps it is time we all got into our core feeling… the longing inside, and start to water our garden of life with that energy.

I didn’t even realize that there was an actual theme yesterday.  I knew I had to write a blog before I left today (smile.)

The 2nd lady started out baffling me.  I do so many readings, take in so many minute details that I forget so very much along the way.  I forgot that in the very top center of this magnetosphere of domed energy within the field there is a portal or vortex energy.  This wonderful lady reminded me all about it.  I could see her way above the dome energy in a very tight cone like funnel coming straight into the dome.  I was instantly reminded about the Eye of Horus, this is exactly where it is located, at the top of the dome.

Her soul energy looked like a cross between an angel and a fairy, emitting intense gold energy sparks everywhere I could see.  Honing down thru the cone and into the dome some seriously powerful energy.  As I moved into the dome to see what was happening, the dome itself was a grid work of lines.  Imagine thousand’s of tic-tac-toe pieces all line up perfectly together.  It was a wonderful gridwork of lines that made the energy of the dome.  (This is an important thing to remember when I leave the exercise to do below.)

As I looked at the network of lines, I could see her energy moving thru the entire sphere of the dome-work and it started to rain energy from every intersection there was.  Everywhere I line crossed each other, intense drops of pure energy was watering the entire inner field of the dome.  My heart skipped a beat!!  I knew this was showing us how close we are to growing the very lives we have worked so hard within to achieve.  Think about it… once a garden is tilled and fully planted the next important phase is watering it for growth!!  We are in that watering phase.  I didn’t even see the connection from the first reading to the next.  She is watering the whole of the garden with some seriously high energy, we need to water our own too, creating the exactly fertilizer for our personal growth into the new landscape.

It is so funny, as I am connecting our dots, I suddenly remember the waterfall of tears that poured out of me all Monday.  I also am reminded with that the feelings I had in meditation yesterday.  We have been so focused, almost consumed with the feminine energy we don’t look at how incredibly important and needed the masculine energy is to this time on earth is too.

Our Divine Father is as important as our Divine Mother.  The two must find full and complete reunion within our hearts to live truly and fully as creator Beings.

Last but far from least was a glimpse of the field of May coming up.  I took the lady I was reading for, placed her into the near future of May.  I couldn’t take her any further than the crossing bridge from April to May, but we did get a spectacular added view!  In the constant field of liquid intense yellow energy something new was revealed.  Dots about the size of a quarter (25 cent piece) radiating intense variations of the rainbow scattered thru the month of May.

I understood that these were the fully empowered humans on earth, owning their Self in all ways, living out loud and sounding the resonance in fullness as the magnetic grids become activated thru the solar eclipse (and beyond.)

It is so exciting to know… we are already there!!!  Happy Dancing with all the Colors of May!!

Before I close, I want to give you this exercise to do if you want.

Seeding Your Magnetic Grid:

Purchase (or use what you have on hand) a package of seeds.  The variety does not matter at all, it is the intent that matters not the seed variety.

Take an area of your home, of your yard, even a piece of paper and create a grid of lines there.  Close straight lines that run from north to south, east to west.  This is representing the grid of earth, of your life.

Take a single seed from the package and place it in your hand.  Shift deep into your heart.  Start to feel the greatest most intense emotion that rises up thru your heart for planting.  Do not give it details, just a feeling.  A pure, heart-felt feeling. Example:  Lets say the greatest desire in your heart is being surrounded by unconditional love.  Feel that love pour out of you and into your seed.  Charge that seed fully with your heart energy.  When the seed is charged, take the hand holding the seed and move it over the grid you created. Feel where that energy of unconditional love feels the strongest on the grid.  When you find the strongest connection, place your seed on that very spot.

You are aligning your magnetic garden with your pure heart desires.  As the entire new gridwork grows and intensifies over the come weeks and months, your seed will grow exactly where you placed it… and call you home to it (or bring others to you… depending on your souls agenda.)

As you become proficient in seeding your heart energy and seeing how quickly it grows and produces itself to you, for you… you can start to become more specific with your seeding.  Perhaps your heart (not your head, this is no place for your head, trust me) has a desire to have a new vocation.  Place that desire (even, no, especially if you don’t know what that new vocation is or even looks like) into the seed and once again, feel the magnetic alignment on the grid you created… plant it there.  (If you created your grid on a piece of paper, just place it on the line you drew.)

If there is a part of you that has yearned to move to a new location, but either nothing seems to be working out or you just don’t know where to move… feel the energy desire of your heart, flow it into your seed and place it on your grid.

Always leave the details out.  This is about pure feeling.  When you put details in, you have brought your mind into the equation…. this is not a place for the mind, only the heart.  You must also act the moment your fruit is ripe.  Hesitate and your fruit will recycle itself back into the ethers.

Well my beautiful friends, I have a plane to catch!!  Thank you all so much for your love and prayers during this time of wonderful and exciting change upon our lives.  May my grandson receive all that his soul desires and deserves thru this phase of his young life!!

See you in Virginia!!

((((HUGZ)))) of gratitude to all!  I love ya’s!!

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