Insider Drake Update : Freedom Reigns Radio (14 And 15 April 2012 shows) – 19 April 2012

As told before use your utmost discernment in everything presented to you! –  Lucas

The following is my opinion in the matter Drake and the actions he wants to take.

Drake says he is dealing with principal people. What principles is he talking about. Who says others are generalizing?  I give just a few questions you also could ask in listening to the shows with an open mind.

I also have questioned what the intent of this group is, if foreign troops are brought in even to support. Even the naivety to think that people will not get violent or resists the enforcement of things they will not understand and see as a coup or take (or whatever semantics you play with it) over is a serious matter. And thus it is very likely the military and marchalls need to use force that can be getting very nasty.

I think even well intent is what the Drake group in their hearts may have, it is still not the thing I will support to be executed in this way even if the outcome might be what we want. I am not sure of the outcome in any way.

We will see where it takes the world and the USA as it is now a thing we only have to wait for happening as I think it will in some way. I only hope it will not give us in the end still a dictatorship of whatever people are pulling the strings behind the Drake scenes. Who are they? We still have more questions than answers and I have been denied answers without a good argument for it by David Wilcock. And still accusations and hear say and insinuations that are no proof or evidence in any way.

I have to stand up for all of you that not blindly follow a person in his endeavours but want to be proper informed and want to have a  balanced opinion based on facts and information that can be checked. The secrecy and putting others in the mist by saying it comes from an anonymous source it not good enough. That is hear say. Also credibility is not given by others to your arguments but the argument itself presented with the facts and information does.

Love and Light,


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