Lucas – Wake Up Call! – You Think You Have Seen Everything – It Just Started – 19 April 2012

The developments keep following each other in a fast pace.  The news about CISPA is just seeping through, as the out of control police state is now getting exposed, the lies about financial markets in fraud, deceit and lack of any form of respect of people or even respecting democracy are shown in no way. I have posted about the troika of IMF, EU and ECB that are denying democracy to Greece as its people  may in their democratic right to elect use their power to say no to the austerity madness and debt-slavery. Look what happens around the world and see. Everywhere the control and measures in privacy and other law induced restrictions to your rights of  freedom are stacked up. The examples are all over the world.

A day ago some reader asked me what to do. He would love to go and help to make a difference. I say just get out, give the message to any body in your circles and tell them informed what you know. Start your own blog, make videos, whatever you think is a peaceful way of bringing to message across. I think civil disobedience will rise and soon the protests and demonstrations will follow as the outrage of what is going on is growing by the minute.  You need not convince anybody as articles,  research, videos and pictures speak for itself. You just need to inform them and present them with the facts. Look away from mainstream media and get on the internet and inform yourselves before they shut it down or maybe you did not know that is the plan in their fear of us becoming awake and aware. The crimes against us the people and humanity need to stop.

You can read just a selection of things I could find in a minute:

–  NEW WORLD ORDER ‘BULLSHIT BUBBLE’: Federal TSA Agents Under A COLOR Of Justice In Texas ~ Face Arrest By Citizens: The Constitutional Right To Resist A COLORED Duty To Submit! at link to original article

– Jim Sinclair: Details Of The $291 Trillion In Derivatives To Which American Taxpayers Are Exposed at link to original article

– Police Defend Handcuffing, Arresting Six-Year-Old for Alleged Temper Tantrum – link to original article

– TSA Treats 95-Year-Old Wheelchair-Bound Veteran Like a “Terrorist,” $300 Stolen link to original article

Wake up!

Love and Light,


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