Torture In Schools – Disabled Boy Tied Up And Electroshocked Over Seven Hours – 19 April 2012

This video and case I came across is shocking, even to think about it happening to your kids in school is painful.  Make up your mind about what really is going on in your education system and the system you trust your children to. Repression, sadistic tendencies and behaviour, sexual intimidation and abuse and every other form of psycological terror or mind control, and mind manipulation, unhealthy foods and drinks, etc., has no place anywhere and certainly not in schools.  I see al sorts of reports about it appearing.

Her is the video uploaded 12 april on Youtube by

And here is another example from last year about Police brutality and unlawful force used. We have seen the pepper spraying examples from peaceful Occupy protesters aswell as we have seen videos about the use of electroguns/taesers that can kill people :  This video is  about: The Police That Tie Up A 62yr Old Man And Then Pepper Spray Him To Death 2011

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