Benjamin Fulford – Reaction On E-mail Thread He Was Placed On Without His Consent – 20 April 2012

Here is my response to some e-mail thread I was placed on without my consent:


Nobody asked me if I wanted to be part of this thread and I would like to be removed. However, if somebody is publicly calling me a “cokehead loonatic[sic]” in public them I am obliged to respond. First of all, about the “cokehead” part. The cokehead talk was put out about 6 years ago after a “journalist” by the name of (??) (( Which I, Lucas, was asked to remove from this post from Benjamin Fulford under thread by his legal representative take appropiate action against me, you can read the original article at the link  below, Fulford has also removed the name and why he will explain or you should ask him!)  convinced me to try one line of some coke he was snorting. It felt like very unpleasant, like half my head had been to the dentist and despite many attempts to get me to take the stuff again, I consistently refused but I have no doubt now that one incident was recorded and has been used repeatedly against me.  Since I am allergic to cats but I was living with 3 cats for the sake of my daughter I constantly had a stuffed nose which was used to continue to spread the “cokehead” talk. These same scum also once tried to get me to drink orange juice laced with amphetamines so they could label me as a speed freak too. Fortunately, I sensed something was wrong and refused to take the stuff and later confirmed from one of the people present at the time that it was indeed orange juice laced with speed.
As for being Jesuit Sophia University trained, it is true I went to Sophia for 3 years before transferring to the University of British Columbia. I got a good education there but I had never heard of the Jesuit oath until recently and now that I have if find it abhorrent.
As for the misspelled “loonatic” accusation, I would like to see what evidence is given for that, because otherwise it is pure and simple slander and does not merit a response.
Finally, I would like to point out that all the real disinformation agents like phantom.421366 are cowards who refuse to reveal their real names because they know they would then be legally liable for their public comments. These people refuse to debate you openly about facts because they know they would lose and be exposed as working satanic gangsters.
Please feel free to publish these comments under my real name. link to original article

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