Drake’s Implying Something Happened But Can Not Confirm – 20 April 2012

On the Community Project Show by MZ Mugzzi blogtalkradio  ( : link to original radioshow ) mr. Drake tells his update. Only it is not  confirmed nor can we confirm it. It is fantastic if things are happening but we have no information. And therefore I still say use your utmost discernment on things.

Thank You White Knights  are strangely saying the show was cut off and not on for a time. The show is in full on blogtalkradio as you can hear above. So I have my doubt about the statement they made.  The NSA and alike would probably not want you to get the info  is what the Knights said! Maybe they are having computer troubles themselves.

The show talks about:

Via pipeline or special contact of Drake this unconfirmed information came in.

Talk amongst Generals Chief of staff they shout have told everyone to shove it. Secret Service and Delta Force is ticked as they got dumped on. Clinton partying as she should have been at a Turkey nuclear conference, pictures are circling around from Secret Service.  UN under investigation. The Central banks in uproar because of things filed against them.  DC was lost and walking around as a bunch of chickens with cut off heads. GSA – General Services Administration investigations are ongoing. Panetta told he not is not in charge of military. The may get after the big guys and take them out one by one. The Words is On. Drake not telling about people and sensitive information as they could loose lives. Black Helicopters and what they are.

Please remind this all is not confirmed and thus still rumour.


One response to “Drake’s Implying Something Happened But Can Not Confirm – 20 April 2012

  1. Thanks, Lucas! I totally agree with you that DISCERNMENT is key. I’m tired of hearing from folks in the “know” how much is changing behind the scenes with zero evidence of change evident in the matrix.

    You’re doing a great job posting articles/commentaries of interest. Much appreciated. ~Gillian