Visionkeeper – Change Is Upon Us – 20 April 2012

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I see nostalgic pictures like this and a part of me wishes things were simple like this again. Yes there is a great convenience and speed in sending emails that I enjoy and use daily, but there is deeper connection missing that electronic email just can’t bring about. The intimacy of hand written letters is almost a thing of the past. How many letters grace your mailbox everyday? Letters are like presents in your mailbox. You pull it out and turn it over and feel it in your hands. You realize in order for that letter to be in your hands somebody had to be thinking of you and take the time to sit down and write what they were thinking and feeling. Sometimes there was a fragrance to the letter when opened, sometimes there was a little something added inside. Letters were magical and I wish their presence would return again bringing with it the simplicity that used to exist in the world back then.

Now with that said one has to wonder what will the world be like after the shift. Maybe emails will become non-existent as well. I am thinking our consciousness will become so fine tuned we will be telepathically communicating in our next phase. Already synchronicity is speeding up like crazy and entering our lives more and more everyday. It is as if we have learned more completely how to tap into the cosmic consciousness data bank and can randomly pull out thoughts we need to connect to others. It is wise to pay close attention to things that happen synchronistically for as we have learned there are no consequences in life, everything happens for a reason and everything carries a message of value to the way in which we live our lives.

At first blush I wonder if communicating this way will not be even less intimate even than email and I want to wish for the mailbox to return letters again that I could hold and smell. Once that thought or feeling surges through me I breathe deeply and know that longings and memories are nothing more than ways to hold on to the way things were and we are moving on now and adapting to change is critical for us to allow into our lives. We cannot imagine a lot of what may be in 5D and it is impossible to place judgment on something not even in our reality right now, nor should one judge. What will be will be and it is time to Glow with the flow of what is to come next. If it is telepathic communication, that will feel accepted and enjoyed once we get the hang of it. It will fit in or we will fit in with it and all will be well.

One has to wonder about astral travel as well. Will we be able to project ourselves over to our friends house for a cup of tea several states away or to other countries? Won’t that be fun and challenging. I would imagine it will take some practice to get it right, who knows? There are many possibilities for what lies ahead for all of us. I would think it far wiser to concentrate on all of these amazing possibilities rather than on the fearful rot that has hijacked main stream media. Allow yourselves to dream and imagine and get excited, keep that brain working so it stays alive, stay immersed in positive thoughts and stay wide open to anything and everything that may come our way. No reason to fear when we can dream and hope and create what we desire in our lives. Go for it!

So I have tucked away letter writing in my nostalgia file as it is a warm and happy memory for me, but I am also wide open to what comes next and I will embrace it all whatever it may be. As spring erupts and flowers begin to come forth it is amazing how much more beautiful everything seems to be now. We are seeing life unfold around us now from our hearts not just from our eyes. Feeling and seeing from the heart holds so much more meaning, kinda of like the difference between a letter and email. There is now more depth, more dimensions to explore, beauty takes on a whole new meaning. Life has always been this way, we just got sidetracked and were sent off onto a wrong exit, but we are in the process of finding our way back onto the cosmic expressway and what a trip it will be.

Blessings to you all,

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