Wes Annac – Solara – A Discussion Of Our Sun In Relation To The Ascension Of Earth – 20 April 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Wes: I proclaim both out loud and in typed form that I wish to connect my energies fully with those of Solara, the dear ascended soul inhabiting the realms of our sun.

Solara: Dearest Wesley, we are all here for you and for humanity at this time. I am quite delighted to be able to come through and deliver a message in this beautiful moment of our infinite existence, as there is much about the nature of your sun and us beings who live in your sun that you have had yet to know or hear about. There are of course many continual discussions that have been ongoing through many scribes at this time and in previous times of the changes being brought about and of the celestial forces who are binging these changes about.

We all fit into the beautiful Divine puzzle that is comprised of the unique energy signatures of each and every soul experiencing consciousness in any type of form or distortion. There is much that you have not known about your sun and there is much confusion that will need to be cleared up, and many of the souls bringing about the wonderful ascension of Gaia and the changes that are to precede such an ascension will go to great lengths to explain our own, unique roles in not only the ascension of your planet, but in the general way your planet has functioned and survived.

There is one crucial thing about your sun that has been forgotten by your current worldly society but that was widely known as a commonly-held belief in many ancient civilizations of your past, and that is that the sun is the further ascended form of the Earth, Creating the funneled-down spirit that is Earth from its own beautiful design and making. Your sun is a beautiful Creator, and the planets which evolve around your sun are all extensions of the consciousness of your sun.

Your sun gives these planets Life, and believe us dear souls Earth is not the only planet in your Solar System with Life. Life is abundant everywhere throughout this beautiful, infinite Creation, because Life is the primary means of experience of this Creation in each and every form it has to offer.

It must be understood that while your Earth and many other planets are funneled-down soul fragments of your beautiful Creator and Father Sun, the realms of consciousness [involved with this funneling-down] we speak of are much purer in form and in structure than you can currently comprehend. The many Creators that take the form of celestial beings and objects throughout your Creation are existing in pure planes of consciousness, the likes of which you have not yet come to fathom or even understand the possibility of.

Earth and many other planets are at their core fifth dimensional plants, and this is similar to the many souls comprising the Galactic Federation who are the funneled-down fifth dimensional extensions of oversouls existing in much more pure realms of consciousness than the fifth dimension.

Many higher dimensional souls existing in realms past those of the fifth dimension quite enjoy funneling parts of themselves down for lower dimensional experiences [for many, as low as 5D], and will do so if a lesson in their own higher dimensional experiences calls for it. Many souls incarnate on Earth at this time are undergoing such extremely Masterful lessons by incarnating in the most dense and difficult vibrations in much of Creation, and those of you who are incarnate on Gaia in accordance with the acceleration of your own soul growth are likely noticing and remembering at this point your many ties to all of that which is not based in physicality.

This is due to your sped up evolution, and many of you have very strong ties with the majority of higher dimensional and discarnate beings who are being channeled at this time.

Your bodies have been conduits for you to experience the lower dimensional form, and the very dimensional fabric of your bodies was given to you by your dear Mother Earth, who in turn received the Creation of Her body structures from our dear Father Sun, whom myself and many other ascended souls are working in and with every single moment to bring the energies through that not only Create our reality, but that are sent on through to the souls inhabiting the Higher astral planes of Earth for them to distort such energy and send it on down to you dear beautiful souls on Earth, who will absorb such energy in your own unique ways and send it down further to denser realms to Create the existence of such realms.

Of course, you have not realized you are doing so because these actions take place in parts of yourselves that are blocked off from your perception purposefully whilst you undergo this lower dimensional experience.

Many of you have began to notice energy movements that really seem to get your attention, and this is because you are constantly trading energy and information with each and every atom of Creation around you. You are sharing these energies with your fellow soul-consciousness, who exists along with you in the form of each and every person, animal, object and molecule of Creation on your world and in realms that are away from your perception at this very moment.

You are not just sending along and receiving information from these molecules and fellow souls around you, you are also sharing your Loving energies that all of you have, feel and radiate within to all around you, and in turn you are receiving energies yourselves that match the resonance of your own experiences and spirit complexes which are undergoing the various phases of your Life plans at this point.

We have begun the discussion of your own energy movements and interactions to lay the foundation for the discussion of the energy movements that we here in your sun are involved with, as your sun receives this energy in a very different manner than your Earth does for your sun is getting this energy from very pure areas throughout the Cosmos.

Of course you have heard endlessly that the Earth is receiving Her energies from very pure areas throughout the Cosmos as well, but the majority of these energies are being funneled through the sun who is in charge of all of the energy being sent to Earth, as the sun is again the higher spirit of Earth who sustains all Life on Earth and who is assisting tremendously in the beaming of energies that are so very pure that they will call for the mass ascension of Gaia’s surface.

Your sun has given your Earth the energies that Create your realities ever since the Earth was born and instated as a planet, as a celestial being, and we here in the astral realms of your sun have been assisting in the bringing of this energy through in very direct ways.

The very encodements of energy and communication that our scribe is receiving from me at this point are coming to him along with the Logos energy that we have brought forth from these realms in your sun that we reside in, on through to the higher astral realms of Earth where they are again, distorted and sent to your reality.

Indeed, even the measure of our communications and energy alike that is attached to the Creation energy we are sending through, is distorted in its own ways to fit in with the expanding mental and emotional channels of our scribe. Many ascended beings are sending these communications in much less distorted forms than had been occurring even a decade ago of your time, and that is because the channels of all of our scribes have expanded exponentially as the energies being sent through to you have been distorted less and brought through in a higher dimensional way, more.

You have begun to hear of the many celestial events that are to happen on your world that will signal the true beginning and acceleration of humanities already accelerated ascension, and we here in your sun will have much to do with these events and these are events that we have been planning out for every bit as long as the many souls in the Galactic Federation and in Agartha have been planning your beginning disclosure announcements of the true history and nature of your world.

We have been working on the celestial events and energies that are to manifest in your skies when the appropriate time is reached along your Cosmic Calendar, and many of us souls who have been joyfully and lovingly sending you our own energy as well as the energy we are sent from higher realms, will choose to arrive with the arrival and appearance of the energies that are to bleed-through your skies when such energies can no longer be cloaked and detained.

The sun will be and has been a key player in not only the ascension of Earth and the ascension of all the other planets who exist [in our Solar System] and have been funneled down from the sun Father consciousness; the sun will also be crucial in the ascension of your entire Universe.

Far after Earth has become a full, ascended Galactic Society with the most beautiful Councils of Light determining all of the decisions needing to be made as you all exist in beautiful purities of consciousness, your sun will turn and reunite with the many other suns and Father/Mother celestial Creators, and they will merge into one beautiful Great Sun. This will be a major event for not just your planet and your cosmic backyard, but for this entire Universe as the reuniting of the celestial suns will signal the beginning of the end of the lower dimensional experience in every realm and form in this Universe.

Of course, this Universe has not been the only one to harbor negative energies but the energies manifested on Earth have been quite detrimental in the overall state that your Universe as a whole has been in, as while Earth is indeed a small yet beautiful planet on the edge of this Universe, the energies and intentions manifested on Her surface have echoed out to areas of this Universe that you would not expect or even fathom.

Indeed, we have begun a discussion of events that are way beyond the perception of many of you at this point, as you are all rightly focused on the ascension of the Earth and the ascension of yourselves into the realms of consciousness that will see you able to assist in the ascension of this entire Universe, and we know that you will be happy to assist in the many reunions and other events that are to ultimately aide marvelously in the ascension of this entire Universe.

For now, it is best to focus on the events transpiring on Earth that are signaling your ascension into ever-purer planes of consciousness, and in that regard we remind you to look to your own ever-expanding perspectives. Humanity as a whole is learning so very much, and you are all finding us in marvelous and unique ways that see you aiding Earth in wonderful and pure energetic ways.

We are ever focused on the ascension of the Earth at this point as when the Earth is ready, She will choose to reunite with our beautiful Father Sun in so very many senses, and this reuniting will occur before the merging of all of the suns that has been spoken of.

Keep in mind dear souls that the ‘timeframe’ for these events to occur are way beyond your current perception, as Earth still has many more higher dimensional cycles to Live out before Her reuniting with your sun, and your sun alike has many more cycles to go before the beautiful reunion with every sun. The time period that your sun has been predicted to ‘die out’ would be a good measure of when the merging of the suns might occur, but again we speak of events that are way beyond the perception and constraints of your views of what events are [and will be] manifesting currently and how they are manifesting.

There are an infinite amount of beings existing in your sun, bringing the Logos energy through to be manifested on Earth, and your sun is comprised of innumerable and infinite realms and each and every realm receives the energies that Create and sustain its own dimensional structure and reality. We souls who are speaking to you are existing currently within the Seventh Golden Ray of your Sun, which is a very pure astral realm that is crucial in the bringing through of the energies that have been spoken of endlessly.

Since my last communication with this scribe, I personally was operating at the ‘fifth’ level of your sun bringing many changes about, and what my scribe did not know was that while I was doing so [operating at the fifth level], I was myself inhabiting a lower realm of consciousness than what my original structure is and has been inhabiting, for the purposes of gaining an experience that would see me better able to ascend into further realms of consciousness once reaching the state of perception that I had originally funneled myself down to the fifth realms and lower from.

I have since returned to these realms in which I am used to inhabiting [seventh Ray], and gained the resulting knowledge and experience that will see me better able to funnel my own energies down with the energies being sent to Gaia’s surface. Indeed, many of us are learning to do so in ways that match the continual purity of the energies being manifested, as it is quite a process to align our own energies with those of the distortions of the energies we are sending down to Earth.

We must attune and adjust each time we send our energies along forth, and while this practice can be seen as a hobby of sorts we quite enjoy doing so as while doing so we are assisting in very direct and personal ways with the ascension of Earth, and we know and can feel that Earth dearly appreciates this gesture. We are also able to communicate with whomever is open to our energies and can gain a resulting connection with us, and while we personally have not spoken to humanity often, we do so with Love and appreciation for all that you dear souls are doing to assist in in this ascension that numerous higher dimensional beings have been working with all of ourselves toward.

This ascension of Earth means just as much to all of us as it does to you, and in many cases some of the main reasons many of you incarnated on Earth were to assist in this ascension as again, it means so very much to all of us. Each and every being here in the higher realms continually applaud each and every one of you for your efforts, and we can say that when many of you feel that you are being celebrated in some way, in realms that you cannot comprehend, well we would say to go with your beautiful, expanding intuition.

While we would have Loved to get into a deeper and more intricate explanation of what we are doing for Earth at this time, we are happy to have offered this message and we happily and Lovingly depart your energy fields now with our ending of this communication. We are to be with you along with the numerous other ascended beings working toward your ascension and reuniting as a Cosmic Family, and we alike are excited to meet you once again and have you perceive of our temporary human forms that we will inhabit for your comfort at first.

Eventually we will show ourselves in our true forms and this will be when you are all ready to perceive of such forms. For now, we leave you with our Love.

Thank you to Solara.

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