Geoffrey West – Cosmic Vision News 20 April 2012 – InLight Radio Blogtalkradio – 21 April

This week on the on the show Geoffrey West brings the news of the week and has an interview with Sheldan Nidle. Enjoy the show. Love and Light, Lucas.

here is the link to the show:

link to Cosmic Vision News InLight radioshow 20 April 2012


April 20, 2012  Show summary:

1.  Iceland Debt Forgiveness (12:04)

2.  Liens on US Fed Reserve Banks (3:05)

3.  Bank Resignations  (1:25)

4.  War Being Stopped/Earth shifts (5:10)

5.  Mainstream News Ratings Down; CVN ratings high  (1:25)

6.  Solar Flare Effects  (5:29)

7.  Teeth Regeneration (2:49)

8.  Solar Roadways  (2:24)

Interview:  Sheldon Nidle, Planetary Activation Organization

Sheldon has a webinar on Sunday April 22, 12-1:30PM Pacific and on Thursday April 26, 6-7:30PM Pacific on ‘Spreading Love, Not Fear’.
Go to and click on ‘Galactic Events Schedule’  Only 15.00 to register.

For more information on our galactic families, Sheldon has a previous webinar available on YouTube:


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