Lucas – If Money Could Talk – 21 April 2012

If money could talk I asked myself what would it say to us. What enlightening visions and thoughts could those bills and coins give us.

I thought a while about it and lots of things sprung into mind. I heard a couple sneezing bills as they were misused for the cocaine sniffing of the addicted people. I hear a couple say:  what a laughter as we are handed over for all the shit in the world they wanna buy, why do they still not know that we are just an illusion, an I owe you note that has no value at all.

Yes father 100 bill said it is really said that after so many years we have seen the light by fiat of a corporate and not governmental agency FED or other Central Corporate Banks that only are used to enslave people. We are even not needed in future as they want to get us shoved out the backdoor.  The digital money takes over.  We will lose our jobs.  It is horrible.

A lot brighter story had the silver and gold coin to tell. They said to be confident in the future of their jobs as there was nothing that could tip on their steady value. They told us in short   and in secret that an uprising to the people was coming that would abolish all that money and debt and only real money with value would be used in the new financial system.

A wise old copper coin with little value said what he saw happening. I think all those bills and gold and silver coins will be surprised that the world is changing so fast. It is reaching a higher level soon that will make all those systems of money and finance obsolete. Yes the world will have abundance and that even without having money or debt said the copper coin.  Watch and see.

I thought all that is true in the now as all is happening now. The old financial system is losing its power and influence. The last breath is almost blown out. The new temporary  system is talked about around the world and the first indications of it soon unfolding make me happy. We only have still to learn about the new vision on things that makes a system eventually not needed.

We need to know about the new way of living and breathing oneness. All is done for the best and good for all. There are no opposites anymore, no differences and arguments, no pain, no hate, no war. All are cared for and the basis needs are for all guaranteed.  Everybody can explore all talents and create in peace, love and abundance all they want. It is a wonderful world and  we get to forget forever more about money.

Love and Light,


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