Visionkeeper – Calm Before The Storm (2) – 21 April 2012

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It sure feels eerily serene out in the world right now. It reminds me of summer nights when the air would grow still and the birds would go quiet and the sky would get a strange color. You knew what would come next. Soon the wind would pick up quickly and the colors in the sky would grow dark and occasional rain drops would begin to plunk down here and there just before the heavens opened up and you had to run for cover. So  what is coming? Something wicked this way comes runs through people’s mind from time to time. That old waiting for the other shoe to drop. See how trained we are to jump to the worst scenario! We are so accustomed to disaster from the dark ones we steel ourselves against what may come our way. Maybe nothing comes our way. But all the things people have read say that we go through major earth changes from the poles shifting, the plan of the dark ones is about to unfold, they are getting ready to destroy the earth and all of its people. Yes a lot has been written and talked about, but what if nothing ever comes of it? What if divine intervention is at work and we just shift and the world goes on? It could happen just as well as the bad scenarios, so choose the good one, stay away from the fear filled discussions.

It is sad to watch what is going on. It reminds me of going to a shelter to see the animals. You go by the dog cages and some of them run up, tails wagging as if to say take me, while others run to a corner and slink down and cower from past abuse. So many are cowering and what makes it even worse is they just accept it!!! People begin talking about the various scenarios that the dark ones are capable of and what could happen. We are all aware of the possible dangers and yet many just sit here and wait for it. Whatever happened to trying to avert it? Why in God’s name do we believe we are powerless over this demonic group of evil controllers? We need to look at this more closely!

Part of the problem is we make assumptions! If you have ever read the fabulous book called The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz you know that one of the agreements is never to make assumptions! Assumptions are very dangerous on many levels, in this case we assume we are unable to do anything therefore we just sit and wait for danger! Can we not see how wrong this picture is? We assume they control the military and all of the police forces that will turn against us and imprison us further, but do we really know that for certain? No we do not. Perhaps the military and police are just as fed up as we are at the dark ones. We assume the dark ones still hold great power over us. What if they don’t? Rather than making dangerous assumptions that keep us immobile and doing nothing but waiting like lambs going to slaughter, why not rise up and ward off the attack?

We are not lambs, we are not the cowering puppy in the shelter, we are powerful and strong in numbers. Slowly we are beginning to hear the truth about what has been kept from us and still we do nothing. There is no anger or blow back taking place. Don’t you find this curious? This is what happens when a society is brainwashed. Can you not see now why you must turn off the television and stop having your minds controlled? What better example could you be given to prove a point? Must we all end up either dead or in Fema camps awaiting death to wake us up? It will be far too late then. We cannot fight this physically, but we can fight for our freedom with our minds, by raising our consciousness and staying in our hearts. They cannot fight against love for it is a force that knows no equal. The light of love shall blind them and bring them to their knees.

My point is we DON’T know what is coming next but it is far wiser to assume for the better than for the worse. We cannot fear what could happen and be in our hearts and be love at the same time, so we must decide which side we wish to be on. I choose to stay in my heart and be love wherever I go in the hopes that others will be drawn in by the energy and pass it on to others as well. We are getting tremendous help from the sun as we shift and change and begin to view life through different eyes. We must never assume anything about life. There is great danger within such an action. We must remain positive and open to all that comes our way both bad and good and believe in our hearts will will know what do when the times comes. We must not waver or buckle at the knees but stand strong with love in our hearts and we will overcome the darkness in unity with all.

Blessings to you all,

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