Lucas – More Examples Of The Breakdown Of The Financial System And The Austerity Madness Breaking Up The EU/ Eurozone – 22 April 2012

IMF Loan Of £10bn Prompts Fury From Tory MPs

George Osborne faced fury from the Tory back benches today after he announced Britain is to commit another £10 billion to the IMF.

The chancellor said the increased funding was vital to protect jobs and growth in this country. Read more at link to original article


Austerity talks collapse as Wilders walks out, election now likely

Austerity talks between the minority coalition and anti-immigration PVV collapsed on Saturday afternoon, when PVV leader Geert Wilders walked out. New elections are now on the cards, prime minister Mark Rutte told reporters.

In a news conference shortly after Wilders left the negotiations, both prime minister Mark Rutte and CDA leader blamed the collapse on the PVV leader. Read more at link to original article


Czechs stage massive anti-government protest
About 100,000 demonstrators gather in capital Prague in protest against spending cuts, tax rises and corruption.

Tens of thousands of Czechs have staged one of the biggest protests since the fall of Communism, marching in Prague against spending cuts, tax rises and corruption, and calling for the end of a centre-right government already close to collapse.

Police estimated that 80,000 to 90,000 workers, students and pensioners snaked through the capital to rally in Wenceslas Square. Organisers put the total at 120,000.  Read More at link to original article

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