Lucas -Tim Turner Or Drake : And The Controversy Still Goes On : When Will They Learn!! – 22 April 2012

I wanted to have heard  in David Wilcock’s interview with Drake also the side of Tim Turner. That never happened. I was also not allowed to make a comment on the site of David about the question about fair reporting. Giving both sides a change to explain. David answered in an short e-mail.  It was not answered just waved away under the motto, that the “Tim Turner” and Group never would answer on the accusations. That it is a wrong and very unfair statement to put accusations out that not can be proved with facts and evidence to check for everyone. It seems we are in a wrongly formulated trial. Everybody is still innocent till proven guilty.  Hear say and a bunch of e-mails sent between some people are no proof or not enough proof. I would have been silent David and Drake if you can not proof things with substantiated evidence that would stand in court. The Drake site is now with Terri Hinckle at the frontline busy to put messages out to discredit Tim Turner and Rusa in the “Rusa Exposed” series. I think this is a unworthy way to express things. I says you are not willing to stay by facts and or real evidence. Tim Turner had made clear that he would be delighted to have an interview with David Wilcock and then tell the other side of the now one-sided story. Other things  could be brought also to the light and things cleared. An interview is never held.  David made clear he has chosen for Drake. You never can say again you are not partial or neutral  investigative reporter or author if you only tell the convenient truth from one side.

I am  sorry to say that I have problems with the 3 sides of this whole story. Better said act on stage. As David Wilcock as the playwriter and Drake and Turner as the opposite characters.  The writer has given Drake the seemingly good character and Turner the bad one.  The real story is diffused.

I have problems with the side of Drake as openness and honesty does not mean you give a way strategic or operational information. But keeping  all veiled in secrecy as a convenient hide away place is not being open and transparent.  I think if you are the one you say Drake, you will be good protected. There are many more citizens and others also not in your group Drake that have been given their lives for freedom.  Communication is not possible at present. The side of those who want to be informed in all things right and balanced to make a  own “free will”decision are not given their information. That information is even denied.  I received nasty e-mails even threats, because I just asked David Wilcock to be balanced in the story and to give both sides of the story.  I asked for  proof with evidence if you have accusations.  Do not ask the accused to proof the accusations  to be wrong. That is primitive thinking. It is things turned around. I am a bit put of by the hate campaigns and other stuff I read out there and now see  spread around in you tube videos and on Is that necessary. Just get things straight and be correct and do not do what you others accuse of.

Tim Turner’s Round Table Calls I also have listened to.  I have not heard anything to discredit Drake, except in some things an other opinion on things but that is normal. What I  hear also is that “The Republic” will be build on Judeo-Christian principles besides common law. I have already questioned this as that would mean Rusa is a theocracy. It says to me that non-believers, people who do not live their lives as the Bible or the Torah says could be having an other status or could be  excluded from or prohibited some things. That worries me.

I do not know what the new USA under Drake will be. I have questions about foreign troops that are brought in as support for marshalls and the Civil Authority. You can not state they are just here to support.  It is just a coup with foreign troops bringing in. I can not define it any other way. Also is not clear for me what this new USA as I call it will be. The pure form as in the constitution mentioned and or the declaration of independence, or that what some other documents out there state. All that is still not clear. It worries me that we have seen in our history  a lot of so-called freed nations. They got a new dictatorship or military leadership and no democracy after all after been freed.  That would be the ultimate coup.We think to be freed but get an other force that governs us and does not honour our free-will and unalienable rights again. There are on both sides enough things to talk about, express concerns and have discussion about.  I see therefore for now still loose ends.

I think there is not much attention paid by Drake and Turner to the common goals they have. Yes, common goals. The differences and divisions seem to grow by the day as the fear and discredit campaign is going on.  Let me say what I have heard from both sides and the way David Wilcock acted has not made me a happy person to see the “new”, let us say USA, be a free state with unalienable rights of people honoured.  I express this all here as I am not affiliated and connected to  both groups nor do I know David Wilcock in person.

I have my doubts about this whole story as it can go sour and nasty every minute.  It seems we are forced if all will come to bear to choose between Turner or Drake.  I hope it will not be the civil war all over between two factions.

I hope reason will come and will lead maybe to real Oneness and Freedom and not for those who already ruled out others. Oneness  is not partial, but whole and including all. Let the new begin with all included. Take those words and reflect on it. It is your choice to make the right descision gentleman.

Love and Light,


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9 responses to “Lucas -Tim Turner Or Drake : And The Controversy Still Goes On : When Will They Learn!! – 22 April 2012

  1. I don’t think asking for clarification is asking for much, but if it puts lives in danger, I think was has been given is acceptable. People need to use discernment at all times anyway and not blindly accept what others are saying to them in any case.
    I will say that it is kind of bothersome that Turner is calling himslef “The President” already, as that type of title should be voted on in a democracy. Besides that, wasn’t America supposed to be a Republic and not a democracy?

    I’m not American, but if I could suggest anything, it would be that people get out and talk to not only others about what is happening, but actually protest the things within the government that are actually happening and not wait for either Drake or Tim to solve any of your problems. Be part of the political process, as there are enough things happening in front of your eyes that need attention.

    • I am also not an American Rick but I am a world citizin and lightworker who want’s to bring the news but in a fair and balanced way. As the most mainstream news is just not fair and balanced and manipulative. I miss that at all. I also see that people leave as usual their own free will and powers to someone who will do the business for them. The old matrix thinking again. Follow a self proclaimed leader or saviour. I hope people will discern and not blindly take everything immediate as true what is presented but do your own research and thinking and make a well-balanced decision or have a well-formed opinion on things for your self. That is what I hope. I need not be right or wrong, that is for others to deside what they think or see and discern.

      There will be people dying we now not can see. Even real people that are not involved in actions the two factions take. It is not an argument as I said to not disclose the non-critical info. I have passed a bit the stage of letting all sorts of so-called reasons blind me or others in not having a rightious answer. An answer that is not we can not tell because……
      We all and for sure the amercian people want to know what is intented and who they are confronted with as the proclaimed leader of a group that is not clear what his group is formed of. A good faction within the Pentagon is the same as saying some people are good in nature. Yeah right.You still know nothing. But let me say that you all will not be informed to that standard that you can deside if this is what you want. You will see that who has the most forces even foreign behind his arguments will win the case. Right, again.the old paradigm.

      As Indeed Turner proclaimed himself as the One and Only President of the Republic.If so let us add then temporary. Clear should be that it is a transitional government function and when elections can be held people should be voting their representatives again.

      We will see what the opposite sites will do. We now can not change their deep differences and probably will have to wait how things will work out.

      Love and Light,

  2. I think that when you are tuned with the light you do not fear anymore.the only thing I can say about this is that I beleive that light is stongly radiating on are beautiful planet and the outcome will be good please don,t fear Lucas and trust the powers of light that are present.Whatever Drake or Tim or anyone else is saying go into your own thruth and trust the love inside you that is without fear. Peace is near and these experiences are testing our faith. Stay in your light that goes for everybody reading these websites !

    • Let me be clear I worry about things but not fear the outcome. As I know that eventually the heaven on earth will be manifested and things will change before the end of the year. Even if Drake and Turner, Wilcock and whom ever more are fighting each other where they should have been uniting and seeing the common goals it will happen and manifest.

      Love and Light, Lucas

  3. You know how I feel, Lucas; and I thank you for putting forth a voice of reason. So much could be cleared up if they would simply talk openly for everyone to hear and decide for him or herself. Tim put the olive-branch out there. Drake and crew has refused.

  4. One thing Tim Turner did say, is that he had nothing against the message that Drake put out. I think if these too people have the same goal in mind, maybe they should join together, as there is strength in numbers.

    I haven’t listened to the Tim Turner message that much, but I have listened to Drake’s. I hope all of the things they do talk about come true, as this is ultimately what needs to happen, however; I hope people don’t run out and make life changing decisions based on what they are hearing, as that would be a mistake at this point. Take the message for what it is, that most good people want what is best for the entire country and at this point, their Republic is being taken over and has been for a while.

    As I said above, there are things that can be done on a smaller level and that is to get involved in the political process rather than wait for what these two gentlemen do.

    *Thanks for putting everything into one site for people, as I think it’s a good service for others Lucas. If I could make a suggestion? Add links to interviews from Project Camelot, as I think they are on the cutting edge of important information in this regard.

    • If Project Camelot has important info that I have overseen, you always can e-mail me and I can read or see what it is and add it if necessary.

      Thanks for your input.

      Love and Light,

  5. There is info on the internet from Turner. There is a reason that people choose not to follow him. There is a reason people choose to listen to Drake. All you have to do is research Turner. This is all available.

    • Eileen, The information from(?) Tim Turner or did you mean to say the information about and over Tim Turner and his group. There are lots of websites and articles about but little from Tim Turner and his group. Of course Rusa has her own website. But there is still no proof that stands up in court presented as I have seen and read a lot. There is information about that shows discrediting stories that also are showing one side of the story. If you think to follow that what is presented to you as the truth than that is for you the truth and your truth. I do not blindly follow what is presented as truth as I still have not seen evidence and real proof. I have read in all those very nasty websites and articles and videos from people that left the Rusa group, anger and hate. That there are stories about is not the same as that evidence is presented that can be proven in a court of law.

      But I have said already that I still have doubts and questions about both sides of the story. I say the duality 3D battle is still going on between the factions as people can not give up or set aside differences to see the common goal. It is still the old yes or no situtation and who is right or wrong. I do not buy into that anymore. Do you?

      I just am disappointed in those who still do get into this duality mode over and over again.

      I am not posting any comments any more on this subject as the thing I wanted to say is clear.

      Discern yourselves with keeping in mind to research and see if things are what they are or are just hear say, slander, etc. and then make up your own minds. The rights and wrongs are displayed by the two factions and I have tried to make clear you have to listen to two and more sides to a story or dispute or whatever. Those who dispute or argue should be sitting back and reflect on why they did not take the common goal or goals as a basis to work on together and even could not set aside their differences for a moment. They can clear differences it they are willing to. But here it is still a big ego thing played out and people calling upon their earned stripes etc, their hurt feelings, etc. etc. I just do not buy into all of that anymore.

      Love and Light,