Gillian Grannum – Discover Your Life Paths – Life Paths 7 & 22 – Part 4 – 23 April 2012

The Life Path

This release of audios for life paths 7 & 11 completes the postings of high level descriptions of life paths and the underlying frequencies supporting growth and development within a particular arena of experience. There is, of course, much more to your life experience than the lessons contained within the life path. The degree of ease or difficulty in finding your way through the experiences you meet in life is found within the  characteristics and traits you possess in your Expression (full name at birth), heart’s desire (sometimes called “soul urge”), personality, planes of expression (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual), and many other key components within your numerological blueprint.

An accurate analysis is not simply a regurgitation of various numerical values within your name and date of birth. It requires examination at a deep intuitive level to determine  dominant characteristics within the life that are likely to have the greatest impact within the various cycles as these unfold. This requires the ability to attune to frequency so as to determine how best to provide insight and understanding to each client. Proficiency in this aspect of numerology accrues over time and as a result of analysis of hundreds of charts. But even that is insufficient. The truly gifted numerologist must have, at base, an unwavering desire to be of assistance – to enlighten another concerning the truly amazing Being experiencing Life on earth in physical form.

Calculate Your Path Of Life Based on Period Cycles

The most commonly used method sums each unit of your date of birth to derive a single digit, and then adds the resulting single digits together to find the Life Path. For example, using this method, the birth date “August 25, 1951” results in the following calculations:

(the 8th month)  =
25th day
2 + 5 =
1 + 9 + 5 + 1 = 16 = 1 + 6 =
LIFE PATH total =
22 (2+2) is not reduced. Write this as 22.

The life path in this example sums to 2. This individual is numerologically programmed to exhibit the traits and characteristics associated with the 22 Life Path vibration.

Today’s Gift

If your date of birth sums to Life Path 7, or 22 listen to the short audio file below for a high-level description of the traits and characteristics associated with the particular Life Path. (Right-click to download and save file. Alternatively, click link open and play file in browser).

Life Path 7 [The Analyst]  |  Life Path 22 [Master Builder] ~ Short Audio Files

Your Energy Map

The Life Path is one (very important) attribute of 36 I have selected from the multiplicity of values associated with your name and date of birth.   These combine to create a blueprint of energy that is unique to you and governs how you perceive and interact with life. When you book a session with me I provide you with the interpretation of your energy map in a simple, straight-forward, easy to understand format. Please visit my Services page for more information.

Look at the rest files 1 en 2 here original link to article

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