Jeleila Starr – The Secret To Maintaining Flow While In Limbo – 23 April 2012

Was talking to my friend, Julie, this morning; I call her when I need inspiration for a weekly message. She talked about how she was finding it hard to feel the dream, meaning feeling the excitement of her dream for the future. I instantly knew that that was the topic for this week ’cause it was the reason why I felt uninspired. Having been in limbo for some time now, waiting for the new reality to form so that we can get on with our next phase, it is challenging not to become strained by the wait. I think what makes it challenging is not the wait itself, but seeing pieces of our current life dissolving, as if from under our very feet, taking away the financial, emotional and physical support we’ve been secure in. I declare, sometimes I feel like I am walking a tightrope that is only partially there–and with no net to boot! It is easy to get stressed out and over-focused on what is disappearing. Makes it hard to remember to energize the future we want to see. Energizing the dream means really feeling the excitement of it, living as if it were already here.

“So what is the solution”, Julie asked? My first thought was, I’d don’t know, but that was quickly followed by the answer–play! Yep, it was a lesson my guides gave me many years ago when I was going through my first limbo period after the completion of my very first mission assignment. I had not gone through a limbo period before so the experience of being adrift with no direction, and one’s support fading away, was more than unsettling. Back then they told me to go play–do something that had no benefit other than pure fun. (I thought they were nuts!)

My guides explained that play allows my inner child to relax and reenergize. “Imagine being in a boat on a sunny afternoon with your inner child,” they said. “You and your little girl are relaxing and enjoying the day. Suddenly the boat springs a leak and starts sinking. You stop relaxing and start bailing. The hole widens causing you to have to bail faster. You begin to panic as your child sits watching, eyes wide with fear. Now you both are freaking out! The more frightened and stressed you become the more the hole widens…oh dear! In your stress and fear you’ve become so focused on the leak that you don’t realize that the boat has drifted back to the bank. You don’t see the people holding out their hands to help you out. You don’t realize that you could continue your day of fun if only you’d stop bailing long enough to look up, grab a hand, and step out of the boat.” What an amazingly effective analogy. Did you feel it? I sure did!

Play not only allows the inner child to relax, when he/she does so, it also resets our 2nd chakra (chakra of creativity). When this occurs, good things begin to flow into our life again. I cannot tell you how many times I have followed my guides’ advice only to come home and have a financial windfall and/or some new opportunity occur. Furthermore, as we get closer to that new phase, the good things often include something involved in the new phase. In other words, funding or an opportunity/person who will be a vital part of our new phase to step forward.

If you are feeling stressed and drained by this abnormally long wait, I hope this message helps.

PS–I’m writing this from Panera Bread on the fabulous Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. Those who have attended a workshop or retreat here know what a fun and inspiring place the Plaza is. Had a great meal and played computer games. Didn’t intend to write but afterward I felt inspired. Love how it works! LOL

in service,
Jelaila Starr

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