Lucas – Links To Drake And Tim Turner Groups – 23 April 2012

Tim Turner’s Rusa : Republic of the United States

Drake’s group :

Get yourself informed and ask the questions y0u have both groups and be fair and balanced in you making a decision or opinion. Keep to the facts not to rumour, hear say and other info that can not be checked or evidence brough to you you can not check. It is easy in semantics to interpret things towards that what you want it to be. Also manipulation and disinfo is around to make you chose because of hate, anger, frustration, fears. Playing on (personal) emotions is used to get you to decide on basis of that. But keep free of emotion, fear, ego and do not fall in those traps. Do not play the matrix game again over and over.  Step aside and see, hear, feel. Is this your truth or not??

It is up to you and only you. I just gave you information nothing more nor less.

Love and Light,


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