The Galactic Free Press – The Blue Star Daily Planet UFos Report.. Yes! Are We Really Here? – 23 April 2012

Greetings Love Beings,

please say a big Thank You to our Groud Crew Team Member Lucas who helped me in this research today doing great work for all of Us.

In fact, I did find little time to finish this update and he came as a sweet helping hand!


Love You

Keep sharing and Loving as there’s nothing better you can do.


LOVE YOU, and thanks for sharing!

if you missed our latest energy update

‪UFO activity near the Sun April 22, 2012. (HQ)‬

‪UFO Sighting Possible Mother Ship Caught On Camera‬

‪Strange Light Moving Fast Caught On Camera‬

‪NASA 16-20 april multiple UFO’s caught on ISS camera‬

‪UFO filmed from Oklahoma Mid April 2012‬

‪Awolnation – Not Your Fault ( Gridkeeper UFO remix)‬

‪Ovni en Mallorca, España 11 Abr. – Ufo in Mallorca, Spain Apr. 11‬

‪UFOs sighted Iran Iraq border April 2012 UFO در ایران و عراق مرز‬

‪UFOs in outerspace‬

Day Time UFO Fresno- USA

Day Time UFO Oklahoma –USA

UFO Lights Haubstadt Johnson Township – Gibson County – Indiana- USA

Meteor Fireball – Brazil

Nightvision Group of  3 UFOs Melbourne – Australia

Best Of UFOs St.Petersburg- Russia – April 2012

We all Love You So

Your Earth Allies and Ground Crew Team

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