Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Thrilling To The Light Of God – 24 April 2012

God said:

Hear Me, oh, hear Me. I long to be heard. I long to be understood. Rather, I long for you to understand Me. It is not that I have to be understood. It is you who bears understanding. It is you I want. Let’s walk down a lover’s lane together, hand in hand, heart in heart. We are long-standing Friends. We have known each other forever. There never was a moment that We did not know each other. We have been around a long time. We have gone around the block together, and We are deep deep friends.

Our hearts call out. “Hear Me. Let’s connect.”

And if you cannot presently hear Me, well, then, you can speak to Me. I will translate you into God. That means I will translate you into My vibration which needs no words. Our hearts speak in their own language which is the language of love. We don’t need words. We need love, and We have it.

I am cultivating the love within you that exists and has never stopped existing. Your memory is short, that’s all. You are rife with love, with love so mighty that it is earth-shattering. What do you think is the power of the tides and the mountains and My Will?

You don’t stand a chance of veering from Me. You are caught in My net of love, and love will blaze across your heart and mind, and any distance you perceive between Us will be vanquished. You are the rising sun of My heart. There is no ending to Our love nor was there ever a beginning. We are Infinity’s song, and I sing it. That means you sing it too, or you hear it even if faintly in the background. You can locate Our love. You can. You can feel Our love bursting through its bonds of time.

Today We are freeing love from any shackles that may have bound it. Love is unbounded, and love is rearing its heart so it can reach everywhere and be seen, be known, be picked up, be favored, shine. Shine on, o love. We are vanquished by love. Love takes over, and We are taken in love, overjoyed in love. We are love brandishing its glory, its glow, its gold.

Our love is golden. Our love is the mightiest force in life. Love is Superman, beloveds, and can knock down any supposed detriments to it. Love wins every time. Love is the champion, the winner, the victorious, the embracer. Yes, let Our hearts be full of love and wrapped in love, and be like stars shining at night and be like the sun shining during the day so that love is known, and love covers the Universe with itself.

What can equal love? Not diamonds, not rubies, for, after all, what do you have when you hold them in your hand? Only what significance you give to them. Everything is a symbol for the bright shining light of love. Nothing comes near to love but love.

And, this love I speak of, is yours. Uncage this love, and let it reach the mountaintops, and let it be sung from the mountaintops, and let love be sung from your heart. Let your love become the consciousness of the Universe. Why not? What else would you really want to be the consciousness of the world? Why would you ever want less than the very best, and the very best is love, love pure and simple, love undaunted, love captured only by more love and more and more, thrilling to the heart and thrilling to the Light of God. link to original article

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