Lee-Anne Peters – The Journey To Be Me! – 24 April 2012

I built up the courage to step into the rain,Encouraging ego, telling him it will be OK.Together we marched through the darkness of light,Journeying into the darkest of night.We felt excited, hesitation, desire,For the inner merging and flying higher.

Each step and each breath was a part of the journey, we stopped at the darkest of the night. To have courage to face the new dawn. To let go of the shackles, the armour all over the body. Stepping out and into the light of the morning sun….

Gently walked over to a seat with a view, Where I sat and observed, rosellas there, those two.I heard every sound and saw every sight,The fragility of exposure, of no protection, was right.

I felt the wind, I felt the cold. I felt the feeling of no defences take hold.  I breathed a deep, I let it go, And up the hill my legs would flow.  Drawn to a tree, with the rosellas, two, On the healing green hill, that was blessed with a view.

The tree embraced, we shared several moments.No ego, no caring, no looking over the shoulder. Just love, support and strength that I needed, To tell me that I had done the right deed.

I felt it in my heart of hearts, I felt the love, after feeling torn apart. Now I rebuild… the caterpillar prepares its transformation, Its journey towards its great destination.

The silence, the breaking down of old ways, This is where the caterpillar turns an inward gaze. Fragile, silent, gentle and meditating, Its physical shell begins its disintegrating.

The old flakes away, the darkness is gone, Replaced by the love and light of the dawn. The light is in sight, but the pain is so strong, How long will this take, ‘please tell me, how long?

Patiently and gently the ‘pillar’ waits, Hibernating and hermit-ly retreating to fate. With the pain, the suffering, the memories uplifted, The brewing, the stewing of the old is being sifted.

The pain and hurt is releasing, As the understanding of the pain is increasing.  The call is heard, the flags prepare to be drawn, As the cycle of darkness, prepares to be dawn.

With excitement, expectancy, a celebration is near, The ‘pillar’ finds the courage to move into fear. The unknown, the new, there was nothing to plan, The ‘pillar’ breathed, and moved, getting ready to fan.

A push and a pull, an opening of sorts, And out came an arm, and unfurling wings, of course! The ‘pillar’ moved and continued to flex, Then the protection dropped, and the ‘pillar’ stretched.

She stretched wide and open, up and down, What was this odd feeling way up on her crown?  She saw her reflection in the dew, on the grass, Her heart began to smile; she had made it at last.

From the hungry caterpillar this beauty emerged, The transformation was miraculous, that had momentarily occurred. The cocoon housed the change, The support held her safe.

However, now that boundary was needed no longer, Within her heart she had gotten much stronger. When the transition of cycles is ripe and ready, Be gentle inside and outside, be steady.

Know within your heart’s deepest darkness, That courage will help you move into lightness. And then you will have the understanding to see, To accept, that all was perfect, just perfect with me!!

Lee-Anne Peters

Excerpt from Aligning with the Speed of Light

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