Steve Beckow – Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright…. Well, Sort Of – 24 April 2012

It’s very interesting to hear how many other people like me went through a period of extreme exhaustion in the last while. It’s also interesting to combine these personal reports with the evidence of the channeled messages.

Here the Arcturian Group discusses the process of clearing cellular memories which it says we’re going through presently.

“All who are ready, are now in the process of clearing physical cellular memory as well as any dormant energies still within the emotional and mental bodies. This is necessary in order to assimilate the new and higher frequencies of ONE–frequencies of Light and unconditional love.

“These clearings can at times be uncomfortable. Your job is to allow the process, rest more if you need it, but do not claim that which is leaving back in. This is often inadvertently done through saying; ‘I am so depressed, I am so this or that…’  which occurs because you are re-experiencing some of these old frequencies as they release.

“Often you feel them as physical or emotional discomfort, but as spiritually-aware individuals your job is to simply allow the process. If an issue keeps presenting itself to your thought, then look at it, for it may be something needing to be released in a more conscious way through an honest examination of your belief system.” (1)

And here is the master Hilarion providing a second cut at what is probably the same process:

“The layers of the subconscious patterns that have been carried within you are now beginning to be dissolved and dissipated.
“All that disempowered you before is now leaving your auric field and is being replaced by more Light which in turn brings up more layers that have been deeply hidden within you.

“This is the way that the Light works its magic, Dear Ones, and being willing to experience the uncomfortable feelings and pain involved in this process says much about your inner strength and resolve to see this process through to the victory celebration that comes when entering the higher dimensions of thinking and doing.

“The layers are now very thin and are easily dissipated with the tools that you have learnt work best for you.” (2)

Whether we consider that cellular memory or deep subconscious beliefs are being released, there’s no doubt in my mind that disabling and disempowering structures are rising to be let go of.

I feel energized at the moment but at the same time the total reservoir of energy is not great. Extended conversations can sap it. There is still a need to rest and replenish, but it does feel like the worst is over. For now.

Having recently rejoined the world as a functioning human being, I’ve been reflecting on what I see as I look at other people girding themselves and approaching their lightwork.

I notice that, in the people around me with whom I’m in contact (as much contact as a writer who wishes to maximize his time to write indulges in), three paths are being followed in terms of our entry into the world as lightworkers.

Some are following a path of love; some a path of humility; and some a path of emergence.

Those following the path of love appear to be exerting themselves to reach a place of universal regard, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Those following a path of humility appear to be putting others ahead of self, serving, and eradicating the ego.

Those following a path of emergence seem to be putting fear behind them, breaking free from constraint, and striking out in new directions.

Years ago I burrowed deeply into the literature on Sri Ramakrishna and his band of devotees. For those familiar with the saint of Dakshineswar, I would say that Sri Ramakrishna followed the path of love; Nag Mahasaya, the path of humility; and Swami Vivekananda, the path of emergence.

I’m not necessarily sure that the followers of all three paths will necessarily tolerate each other well, at least in the opening rounds of our common lightwork. I think that the followers of the path of love may believe that all of us should be following that path, that love is the only desirable goal at this time of Ascension.

Those following the path of humility may also wish that everyone served selflessly, the quicker to set right the problems that plague our global society.

And those emerging from constraint and fear may also think that their contribution is the vital one, the one that will see people shake off their chains, liberate themselves, and strike out in new directions.

It may turn out in the end that we need to master all three. Or it may turn out that we tolerate each other and allow each to play a valued role in the common endeavor. We’ll have to see. But in the beginning of our working together, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some initial friction, a tug-of-war between the proponents of each of these three paths.

In one of my articles on the path of awareness (part 5), (3) I refer to Jed Naylor and the Communication Workshop I took in October 1980. At the conclusion of day one of the workshop, I had a tremendous breakthrough and emerged from an exercise in a state that I could only call incandescent. I’m tempted to use the word incandescent at the moment to describe the way I feel now, but, if I did use it, the feeling would not approach the experience back then.

Back then I was beaming like a light bulb. I would say right now that my light is burning steadily, but not that I’m flooding the place with light as I was then.

But there has been some expansion, some emergence, as a result perhaps of the changes that the Arcturian Group and Hilarion describe. And I expect more to come as we advance through this remarkable year.

At the same time that I feel a restoration of vigor and inspiration, I also feel impatience to be back at work, impatience to find the new theme for the next stage in this incredible journey we’re taking that leads to the transformational shift at year’s end.

So far this year has not gone at all like I expected it. Not like I’ve ever been here before or gone through another year like it. But I envisioned us already mingling with our space family, terraforming the Earth and spreading abundance over the planet.

I forget how necessary it may be to create a solid foundation for that stage of events and I see the ascension symptoms we’re going through at the present time as part of that process to build the stable basis for the rest.


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(2) Hilarion, April 22-29, 2012, through Marlene Swetlishoff, at

(3) “The Path of Awareness – Part 5,” at link to original article

One response to “Steve Beckow – Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright…. Well, Sort Of – 24 April 2012

  1. Joanne Collis Griffing

    I’m sad I thought we’d be together too by now……why can’t WE meet you, those who already believe and know the truth? Why do WE have to wait? I’ve been ready for eons and I feel like a sitting duck waiting…….waiting…..while so many of my friends (ha what I have left) are losing their homes, jobs, faith. Can we really afford to wait until NOVEMBER for disclousure? That’s May-June-July-Aug-Sept-Oct-Nov 6 MONTHS!!! My friends and so many are losing their homes and by waiting another 6 months that’s just 6 months more of mortgage payments, yet you want them to have faith? Folks are drained, tired, defeated. These friends work to live.
    Give Light Workers an abundance, at least we know where and who to give it to.
    So many years the dark have controlled us. So many years we have waited for you, I don’t want to wait anymore! I want to do something useful!
    My neighbors, you want us to go talk to them, well I did, they are stressed about….money.
    Nobody can follow “their dream” why because you need money! My friends aren’t going to just quit their jobs because I say, “follow your dream” ya ok, they may as well just send me their bills…….I’m broke too so do you see it’s not a win-win? Folks aren’t going to do anything, they are stuck. They can’t leave their “dark” jobs that they hate because of money because of Health Insurance.
    As a lightworker I would spread the joy/money to those who believe and trust what I AM saying is of truth. Those are the folks that I want to help.
    I don’t want to wait 6 months, it’s going to be long summer. Sigh.
    Namaste, Peace to all, XO