Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Wouldn’t You Like To Hear God’s Voice – 25 April 2012

God said:

I am speaking to you all the time. Hear My Voice. It is in everything. I whisper your name. Your name is Love, and I call you to Me. So, come along. Would you really keep Me waiting?

I am patient, and I can wait. I know not time to wait in. I just AM. I AM sitting still and wondering about all your motion and activity. I know you are on your way to Me. I would hasten you for your sake, for, to be without Me, is not fun. It is intolerable, and yet you tolerate your absenting yourself from closeness with Me. Yet, even as you absent yourself, you are here with Me. You have turned yourself into something you are not, and this is how you displease yourself.

I am ever happy with you. I love you. I loved you the day you were born into the world, for We are friends from before time began. We are the Original. We are Oneness. You have vacated yourself from Our Established Oneness and sought particles. You took a magnifying glass and ventured into the Forest and Jungles of Life. What can life, without awareness of My Presence, be but a forest or jungle, depending upon climate?

And what can you be, without awareness of My Presence, but a lonely escapee from awareness? Enough of that. Come, present yourself to Me. Walk right in. Step right up to Me and say:

“God, here I am. You say I have always been right before you, yet I lagged in awareness. I lag in it still. Give me You. Give me all the awareness of You that You say is mine. Give me it right now.

“Show Yourself to me. Reveal Yourself to me. If, in order for You to be revealed to me, You have to open my heart, then, God, please open my heart.

“God, if You have to, push Your way into my heart so that I will know Your Presence and never let go of my awareness again. Bring my heart to Yours. Can that be hard for You to do?

“Am I so willful that I would absent myself from a Great Kingdom and a Great Presence such as yours? Am I such a fool as to let go of Your hand? Am I?

“Then, God, if I am unable to take Your hand, will You take my hand and put it in Yours? Your hand is so great, Your heart is so great that You can embrace me, squeeze me so that I cannot make a mistake about Our closeness ever again, so that I can never let Your hand go again, so that I can never be out of my awareness of Your Presence. Give me You, God. Give me You right now. Give me entry into Heaven, and never let me be out of Your Kingdom, which, You tell me, is also mine.

“You say I am already there. How can I not know it then? How can I not carry You with me for every second of Earth Life? If You are mine, help me to know that You are mine and that I am Yours.

“You tell me there is no difference, yet I seem to know only difference. I don’t experience Oneness with You. How can that be?

“You say that it is I who allows that to be. I want You. I crave You. And yet I do not feel You. I do not always even believe in You, God. Surely, I want to. I want You to be mine, and I want to be Yours. Help me to wake up. Will You do that, God, will You? What is Your answer to me?”

Yes. I say Yes, and now, My beloved, it is for you to say Yes. link to original article

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