John Smallman – Saul – Great Joy And Happiness Await Humanity – 25 April 2012

Humanity’s progress along the path to awakening is now constantly accelerating because ever more Light-holders are releasing old attitudes that are “way past their sell-by dates.”  Instead, they are embracing the Love that surrounds them, with the intent to maintain themselves centered within the divine energy field at all times, and to share the Love that it offers indiscriminately with all on the planet.  The result is that the Light emanating from them is becoming increasingly brilliant, and the power it provides is continuously intensifying and flowing out into the world to bring about the changes that will allow and enthusiastically encourage all to move forwards towards the grand moment of awakening.

As you move ever closer to this magnificent event, your energy will continue to intensify, and the required changes that you are making happen all over the world will come about with increasing rapidity.  Already many on Earth are aware that something of enormous significance is shortly to happen, and while they may feel somewhat anxious or worried, they are also experiencing the sensation that all is for the best.  This is the first sign of recognition for many of their deep-seated knowledge that there is a divine plan, and that it will be brought to fruition for the eternal benefit of all.  There is a great sense of hope in the air, and it is utterly justified – God’s Will will be done.

The path that you have been following for so long, apparently so slowly, and with so many setbacks, is leading you inevitably homewards.  It has always been your collective intent to awaken from the illusion, because you only made it to play in for a moment.  But of course one of its components is time, and that seems interminable, especially when you are in fear, anxiety, or suffering.  But as you open yourselves to the divine energy field that surrounds you constantly and you begin to feel the Love that it offers you, a sense of certainty seeps into your awareness, with a knowing that all is divinely taken care of, providing confidence that the glorious outcome God has promised you is absolutely assured and inevitable.  As your certainty grows, so does the divine energy stream that flows through each of you, joining you together as one in the divine Love Flood that is unstoppable and all-encompassing.

Great joy and happiness await humanity.  To awaken from the illusion into the divine Reality – that is all that exists and that is infinite and limitless – is an experience that is totally beyond your comprehension at present.  Wonder, amazement, and exhilaration will shortly enthrall you as the illusion fades away into the nothingness from which you chose to build it and you emerge into the brilliant and shimmering Light of the divine Presence.  The glory of that moment will surpass anything you could have hoped for, dreamed of, or imagined even in your most creative moments.  Stay the course, hold your Light on high for all to see, and go within to your heart centers, to feel the Love that is flowing through you abundantly as the moment for your awakening moves ever closer.

With so very much love, Saul.

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