John Ward – Breaking ….. Hollande Flip-Flops In Record Time – 25 April 2012

Hollande….man with an eye on the main chance

With a Round One French Presidential victory now safely in his rear-view mirror François Hollande Socialist candidate, has decided he never wanted to unpick the European fiscal pact, oh no certainly not, not him, you must have got me wrong my German friends: “Sie haben mir alles falsch gegotten”.

Nope, what France-whah wants to do is complete the Fiscal Pact by adding the tools to promote economic growth. This is a tool we highly trained economists call Money.

“What concerns us is not what is in the treaty, it is what is not in the treaty,” said Michel Sapin, Monsieur Hollande’s policy chief, to the Financial Times this morning.

As you’d expect, the FT hoovered up Sapspin’s drivel, and printed it in full in a prominent position. Because that’s what the Pink’un does these days.

“A treaty that is based only on budgetary discipline is a treaty that will drive Europe to the wall,” he said, adding, “Achieving growth is the only way”.

Yes folks, we’re back in the land of the Oxy Morons, that alien species convinced that you can have something called austere growth. It’s a similar concept to zero-alcohol meths, and equally useful. It’s also called bollocks.

But the topline here is that Francois Hollande is just another flim-flam-say-what-it-takes pol who now wants to get the Centre-Right onside with talk of being The Good European, and coaxing the Communists into the tent by saying he will spend money to create jobs.

After his certain failure as French President, therefore, a long career beckons for France-wah-wah-wah in Brussels. link to original article

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