Lee-Anne Peters – Maintaining Balance When There Is So Much To Do! – 25 April 2012

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by everything you need to do, what needs your attention and the rush of your day?  Maybe you struggle to get everything done and then have time to rest and play as well… maintaining your sense of BALANCE can be a struggle, however, my suggestion is to make it FUN!

BALANCE is something I am always mindful of. It’s no accident that my teachings fall under the title of Temple of Balance, and I am a living and breathing example of the BALANCE we can have. However, there are even times where I feel the scales tip a little, I never see this as a bad thing, but an opportunity for me to FINE TUNE my BALANCE again!

To maintain your BALANCE on those physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels you will need to be as mindful as possible of what is happening for YOU in those areas of your life.

Are they BALANCED? Are they lopsided?

Some things to consider helping you stay as BALANCED as possible every single day and moment:

* Be AWARE of all of those aspects of YOU (body, mind, emotions, spirit) and how much you nurture and cherish them, or how much you reject or are at conflict with them.

* SIMPLIFY – often if you are so overwhelmed with tasks and things you must ‘do’ then something needs simplifying. Your schedule and priorities may need to be looked at and finetuned to make it EASIER for you to remain BALANCED. Let go of things that you do out of chore, or things that don’t make your heart sing.

* NURTURING – if you feel pressured or burdened with tasks or ‘to do’ things… then the best thing you can do is stop, step back and spend some time nurturing or nourishing yourself – maybe a soak in the tub, or a walk in nature. It may seem counterproductive because you have so much to do, however, if you can take 30 – 90mins out and re-focus and re-centre, your time ‘doing’ what you need to do will be more productive and come from a clearer space of mind.

* Make a LIST – work out a doable plan! This may help you sort things out in your mind, so you don’t HAVE TO clutter your mind with things you want to do, but you can spend more of your energy focusing on that one thing at a time. Then cross that task off your list and move to the next thing. Lists are a great way to get things sorted within.

* GRATITUDE is such a valuable concept for your energy and your life. Use your genuine gratitude to welcome more of what you do want in your life.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and out of BALANCE then it’s best to act and make changes sooner rather than later. It’s through your commitment and your choices made that will re-BALANCE your body, mind, emotions and spirit… and don’t forget to smile, laugh and have a little fun getting into BALANCE.

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