Visionkeeper – Let Life Be A Mirror – 25 April 2012

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I spoke yesterday about how our thoughts create our reality. That is such an important thing to understand and if you can’t grasp the meaning of it, then just look around you. We have such a strong attachment to nature and it seems every time we are out in it we see multiple scenes of beauty, often serenity and calm like the picture I chose today. Why is that do you suppose? Nature does not think thoughts the way we do and so many of our thoughts are fearful or aggressive or angry. If these are our thoughts then the reality around us will be the same as well. If this tree had thoughts they would obviously be ones of peace and tranquility. If we look around ourselves what we see will tell us what our lives are like within. Are we living in chaos where we don’t have enough hours in day, are we always in a hurry unable to be still and go within, is there tension all around us or is there peacefulness and calm? Are we constantly running into road blocks and fighting our way upstream, or do we flow?

How we think definitely creates what goes on in the world that revolves around us. This is why I choose not to dwell in the fear that is trying to suffocate the planet right now. The more we buy into the fearful thinking, the more we create fear for ourselves. I choose to separate myself from that world altogether. I concentrate on loving thoughts, I look for the beauty around me in the world, I choose to put all of my beliefs into changing my world by raising my consciousness, by helping others in my path, by being a loving person and feeling compassionate. That is the world I choose to create and so my mind stays centered on such things. I choose to look out from within and see what that tree sees all around it.

What we see all around us is what we feel and think and see within ourselves. For many living chaotic lives, they grab hold of the victim way of thinking and they see themselves stuck in a dismal life unable to change it. They do not realize that they themselves are creating it. We hold so much power within us and yet we have been led to believe we are victims and there is no way out of the hell we have created for ourselves. Nothing could be further from the truth. Change is but just one thought away, one step in a new direction. As long as we continue to buy into the illusion of fear that the dark ones have created, as long as we remain willing to play the victim roles in their evil play, very little will change in our world.

The time has come to accept that we have more power than once realized, stop playing into the victim role because it is familiar and we have very little to be held accountable for, and step up to the plate and create change with our hearts and minds. This is not a time to be lazy or unwilling to take risks and try new things. If that is the way you wish to remain that is your choice and you have every right to make it. Just know that the world you are living in now, with corruption, murder and mayhem will not cease to be in this 3D world. It will remain a part of your life. If you wish to move beyond this dismal way of existing, then you must step forward and do your part in helping create the world you wish to be part of. We are nearing the end of this journey, now is go time, it is now or never. The choice is ours, it starts with how we create our own reality and then morphs out into the universe.

This shift, this change we dream of cannot take place unless we are all willing to enter into the dance and do our part. You have to make a choice as to who you are going to believe. If you choose the light, then we must work on ourselves and begin to change how we think so we can begin to create what we wish to see in our world. If we choose to remain in the dark as the world is now then we buy into the fear and continue on down that road. This is the biggest decision any of us will ever have to make, for the ascension of the planet and the shifting of world-wide consciousness is in our hands. The light cannot grow strong enough to overcome the darkness without each of us coming forward. I hope we can all make this commitment to save mankind and the planet while there is still time.

Blessings to you all,

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