Wes Annac – SanJAsKa : Imagine Atlantis And Lemuria, Uniting And Ascending Together – 25 April 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Honoring the Light that you are is very important in maintaining your own balance and stability. While you are all on Earth you are going to make what you perceive to be mistakes and you are going to seem to act out of alignment with your own Life plans and with your versions of what events in your Lives should be. Honor and Love yourselves when you find yourselves repeating old paradigms and seeming to lack the energies and feelings of the higher realms that you wish so dearly to reignite in yourself.

The reigniting of the Divine flames in each in every one of you has begun and is currently blossoming at full capacity and power. The power that you hold within is becoming apparent to you in so many more ways than one, and we can feel that with the manifestation of many events in the personal Lives of many of you who are awakening, the reality that is your continual ascension will be made so very clear.

There are of course souls on your world who would rather occupy themselves with the ascension aspects of this entire event, rather than with the aspects of the extraterrestrial and Divine help you are being given at this time. Either way, each and every ascending soul on the surface of dear Gaia is finding the ascension energies that are uplifting vast amounts of humanity.

No matter which facet of these ultimate realities one wishes to focus one’s mind and heart on, you are all finding your own ascension and while each of you find your own ascension and awakening into purer states of awareness in different ways, the common factor is that these energies which you are inviting into yourselves and discovering are serving to uplift your beautiful spirit complexes into the states of consciousness and perception that you Created your lower vibratory experience from.

We can feel that the densities which are making their final stands as they come through you all for the last times, can be a bit overwhelming to your spirit and emotional complexes and this is why each and every one of you have untold amounts of Guides and Divine helpers, simply waiting for you to call upon us and ask us to help you with whatever may be ailing you or making you unhappy at the time of your calling for our council.

While we have not been able to contact humanity for quite a long amount of your ‘time’ directly, we as well as the higher dimensional Guides of each and every soul on Earth are working overtime in the slightly confined, best means that we can, to contact you and have you all realize our presence around you.

The contacts with humanity by ascended beings are certainly not limited to you dear souls being contacted by us extraterrestrials who still choose to take the form of a body, and the direct incarnation on your world by many beautiful Ascended Masters was for the purposes of opening up humanity to the realities of the higher realms in ways that would not shock or surprise you too much, as these are factors that we must consider greatly.

The realities that you are experiencing are so very far from the true and pure realities of our beautiful Creator, and the boxed-in experiences you are all undergoing do not call for the direct intervention of the higher realms and us beings who inhabit the higher realms in ways that would interfere with the breaking of your boxed-in experience. This experience was Created by you in realms of pure consciousness before you inhabited these Lives you are currently taking, and it was of course agreed upon beforehand that you would all have so very many Guides at your side, but it was also agreed beforehand for many of you that we would have to be ‘stepped aside’ so to speak so that you could find your own communications with us and your own feeling of us in ways that are comfortable and conform to experiences that you would be used to, yet able to recognize as being experiences of the Divine.

The smooth sequences of numbers and synchronistical ‘coincidences’ that many of you have now interpreted as being signs from us, are in fact that. We give you signs in the form of numeric and other types of synchronicities, because this is a very good and stable way that you on Earth are able to find the energies and guidance of us souls who are guiding you at this time.

The synchronicities represent the order and serenity and harmony of the higher realms, and as so very many of you have attuned yourselves to receive these signs as you notice them, we are able to pick up in the manifestation of such signs that you notice as doing so is a really good way to maintain a contact with humanity, even if seemingly fleeting, in a way that can be recognized by you and that does not interfere too directly with your divinely sanctioned freewill.

As you begin to recognize these signs and many of you begin thanking us for them, the connection that you feel with us grows in strength as you begin to remember and feel within yourselves the bonds that we have instated with each other for so very long. You have heard endlessly that much is going to be discovered about our existence and about our relation to Earth, and we can say with Joy in our hearts that the Galactic Federation is one of numerous organizations around this beautiful Creation assisting your planet at this time.

If only the depth of the true numbers of us Lighted organizations could be fathomed, you would all burst with Joy at the thought of so many of your Star Brethren in each and any form both conceivable and inconceivable by humanity, working in conjunction with each other to bring about the beautiful evolution and ascension of the surface of Gaia and all incarnate on Her surface.

As you dear souls can likely tell by the upturns and themes of many recent messages through many ascended sources, the changes are in effect currently and are still progressing ahead at full speed. We remind you to continue to look to the events in your physical that you have been hearing about, as the resignations on your world have indeed been picking up as substantially as they have been predicted to. As should be clear by now, this effort of many figureheads resigning and many arrests being made is to snowball into an overall exposure of the natures and inner-workings of many of the most influential organizations on your world who have not been working in the bests interests of humanity.

You have begun to know which terrestrial sources to turn to for the information of all that is transpiring on your word at this time, and as you have been hearing in many genuine terrestrial reports, what is happening now is a very tiny prelude to the events of such magnificent proportions that lay before you at this point.

We admire greatly each and every one of you who have stuck with your experiences through each and every difficult, negative and seemingly devastating event that has happened to you. You have been forced to deal with so very much darkness and negativity over your many Lives in the lower vibrations, and as you are coming to a realization of this negativity in each and every form that it manifests on Earth and in your current cultures, you are transmuting the darkness in yourselves that would otherwise go along with the negativity you are witnessing.

Many of you notice, especially in the United States, the many, many forms of lower vibrations that are manifested and seen as normal in your media and current cultures. We would say that this is a deliberate effort to keep you all feeding the lower vibrations, but this plan by the dark was and is only a simple manifestation and validation of the fact that you on Earth are still ok and complacent with feeding many lower vibratory aspects of your own Lives that keep you hidden away so to speak, from the higher realms around you where such lower vibrations are never manifested.

We are not placing blame upon you dear beautiful souls, as indeed you have worn the veil of illusion and forgetfulness over your eyes for so very long but with the energies that are both coming to Earth now and that will be coming to your world, even the most hardened of souls will be exposed to both the darkness in themselves and the Light in themselves in ways that some may not be ready for.

Of course, the choice of those who are not yet ready for such things has been made clear endlessly, and those of you who do consciously and subconsciously choose to remain on this world will receive such an upliftment that it will amaze you.

Your bodies and spirits are opening and expanding in such wonderful ways, and the changes to yourselves and to your chakras that have not yet occurred will be acting in accordance with both the soul growth of dear Mother Earth and with the collective willpower and vibrations that are manifested and maintained by each and every one of you.

It is wonderful for us up here to see you all spring a wonderful idea forth and begin to enact in your own ways much of the guidance and advice that has been given by many ascended sources, but we must implore you to water the seeds of change and of Love that you are bringing forth now, for simply bringing an idea or project forth is not enough for it to blossom into the wonderful, Lighted change that is needed and wanted so dearly on Earth at this time.

We see and feel your efforts increasing, and this is wonderful for so very soon you will all have the infinite abundance of energy that will see you happily involved in so many projects, but it is crucial that we help you to get over this one last ‘hump’ as a collective and as individuals.

As always, we are being aided by the increasingly pure energies being sent through Gaia’s skies and your bodies and souls alike, and we have noted the intensity of the latest upgrades of energy that you have been given in the last few days of your time.

These energies for many are causing a bit of delirium and foggy-headedness along with lightheadedness at times and a general feeling of existing in more than one reality, in more than one plane of existence.

Your Divine selves are coming forth and presenting themselves to you now, as while your Divine Higher Selves have been coming forth to and through you bodies increasingly for some time now, the dates along your Cosmic Calendar have been reached that see a quite rapid phase of your ascension process and of the process of your Higher Self being integrated into your body complex, coming forth.

We recommend and encourage rest and relaxation during this time, and we encourage as well for you to keep your minds and chakras as clean and as clear as you possibly can for you are to experience higher dimensional things that are to again, disorientate you a little bit but at the same time show you that the work you have been performing both energetic and physical, is indeed paying off.

As always, you must be attuned to these energies to receive the upgrades we speak of and feel the resulting higher dimensional anomalies and wonders, and while there are many who are themselves still quite closed off to the energies of the higher realms in much less distorted forms than what your world has been used to for so very long, each and every one of you is experiencing a growth and a chiseling away of sorts of your lower dimensional residue and perceived’ gunk’ that has been clogging up your chakras and making it more difficult for you to receive the encodements of energy spoken of endlessly.

There are unawakened souls on your world at this time who are still experiencing an ascension, and even those on your world who will choose to leave your world before the most noticeable changes pick up, will still have experienced a rapidity of sorts of their soul growth while on Earth. Anybody who has been alive on your world in the past decade of your time will have been experiencing a rapid soul growth compared to the usual soul growth during the lower vibratory experience, even if many on your world seem to be completely closed off to the energies of the higher realms.

Absolutely no soul on your world is cut off completely from the energies of the higher realms, and at this point this goes especially for the heads of your dark cabal because per our advice, many of you have been sending these souls as much and as pure Love as you possibly can. So very soon our call for you to do so will have been made a bit more public and will have gotten the attention of many more awakening souls on your world, and when this happens we anticipate a [hopeful] mass beaming of Love to these souls and this Love that you will all be giving them is Love that they need for their own soul development.

If the ‘trend’ as you are fond of calling it on your world can be picked up by the many of you who are awakening to send these souls Love on a mass, abundant scale, we anticipate that their operations and behaviors which are based in the lower vibrations will be shortened substantially.

Many may wonder if sending these souls energy of any sorts if a violation of their freewill, and we say that any violation of freewill [perceived to be] committed against these souls in relation to this subject would act in accordance with the karmic repercussions of the massive violations of the freewill of humanity that these souls have been perpetrating for so very long, and while they have remained defiant until the end while continuing to plunder your world and Her resources, the mass sending of Love to these souls is needed and  any perceived interruptions of the freewill rights of these souls in this specific manner will be forgiven on a collective level by the Law of Grace.

Again, this is because these actions on the part of humanity are needed quite a bit at this time, and we know that many of you will be happy to send these souls Love and as so many of you have already begun to do so, these actions are picking up and the Love that is pervading every aspect of this ascension is increasing in purity. This is so wonderful to witness from our view points, as we have been so very close to Earth which is a truth that you have been hearing often lately.

We would like you to imagine dear souls, your world in Atlantean and Lemurian times. We would like for you to imagine the dear and beautiful Crystal Cities of Atlantis and the beautiful structures in Lemuria alike. We want you to imagine these two civilizations not warring with each other, but instead uniting with each other and breaking the limits of separation toward each other in wonderful and profound ways.

We would like you to consider these two civilizations merging and ascending together as one beautiful, unified collective consciousness. In doing so, you are being introduced to the origins of much of the Pleiadian race [and many other races] as you have known us.

Indeed, you have been told that we ascended from your world and then branched out to other worlds in this infinite, beautiful Creation, but what you have not perhaps known was that we did indeed ascend from the civilizations known as Atlantis and Lemuria, from another [Earthly] timeline in which these beautiful societies did ascend together.

You may be surprised to find that the many of us who ascended in Atlantis and Lemuria then branched out and Created other races besides us Pleiadians, and these races are now directly helping in the ascension of Earth because again, we care for Earth so very much, each and every one of us.

Indeed, there are an infinite multitude of races comprising the many Federations and organizations that are assisting Earth and so very many other worlds at this time, and the souls from various planets and Star Systems who make up these many organizations have for the most part been unknown by much of humanity, as those of us who possess roots with Earth that are deeper than you can imagine and that have taken Lives on Earth before are usually the most ’in the spotlight’ so to speak.

The many souls in our Atlantis and Lemuria upon ascending, again decided to explore this infinite Creation and we found so very many lower dimensional planets and Star Systems that we then made our mission to help find the Light in accordance with their own growth plans and cycles.

Many of these worlds we took Home on, and the majority of the natives on these worlds received us well and delighted in our presence as we made it clear to them that we did not visit their worlds to conquer and steal their resources, rather we wished to Live on these beautiful worlds with these souls and guide them, give them council and help them to ascend to the states of consciousness which we are and were experiencing; that of an undistorted perception.

The many planets that are in the Pleiades were eventually ‘discovered’ so to speak by our ships and such. We say discovered with such quotations because for us to claim actual discovery of such lands and worlds would be a bit disrespectful to the natives of these worlds, as while we have since become One with such natives who have themselves ascended into Oneness and into the willingness to move on from any types of labels or separation, we have still always honored these souls and we continually thank them for allowing us to inhabit their lands with them and teach them the ways of the Divine.

Of course, us souls who were bringing these ascension processes through on so very many worlds after ascending away from Earth, did so out of the kindness of our hearts because of an inner drive to serve all of Creation in any way possible. Indeed, Service to Others becomes the main priority and feelings of wishing to help others in any given moment pervade our spirit complexes so very much.

The bulk of the help that the Galactic Federation as well as many other organizations give to any given lower dimensional civilization is to help them ascend in accordance with when they are decreed to ascend along the personal and collective Life paths of each and every soul on any given planet.

Until our next communication dear souls, we ask you to absorb the information that we have given you at this time and ready yourselves for so very many more disclosures, both from us through our channels and when the time is right, on your television sets and computers. We anticipate much excitement and upset in humanity, which is why of course your general preparation is needed at this time. We Love you all so very much, and we ask you to feel this Love and send it to anybody that you feel needs it, including yourselves.

Thank you to SanJAsKa.

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