Crystaqueous – Letter To A Friend – Part 1 – April 2012 – 26 April 2012

I have often pondered a scenario that is so similar to the illustration of the platform the train and the spaces of rich essence between the cars you wrote of.

Often people mistake my writings for instructional material and myself as some sort of teacher.  Neither of which is what is actually transpiring.  So I often have invited the readers of my material to focus not so much on the words which they read or hear spoken but on the energy that flows forth from the spaces between. When this is done no misrepresentation is possible.  When the words are the focus it is so easy for one to begin comparing or trying to decipher their meaning.  This only leads to apparent confusion and to perhaps coming to either rejecting or accepting the imagined meaning of words.  Either way produces chaos—like the drama you speak of in the train cars. 

Everything is about energy!  And if there is a higher significance about this very time in the sequence of Dream, it can be summed up by the intuiting of the energy that floods the silence and the apparent empty spaces.  Some have described this as the void.  Thus the saying has it—cease avoiding the void.  What this is saying essentially is that words if—dwelt upon alone—tend to tie people in knots.  All so-called seeking in the exterior does the same.  The text of my writing may be thought of as a confirmation within the context of dream, of the futility of relying on exterior devices inclusive of human languaging (words), etc, etc, to reveal Divine Truth.  Such further constitute a statement that Divine Truth is never revealed, for none actually exist to make reception thereof. All there Is, is Truth.  Hence, impossible it is that there could be existence outside of Truth.

My readers generally, at least at the outset, tend to express a feeling of despair or discouragement upon confronting these writings.  This is because such indicate that every last effort expended by the false self or ego to comprehend Truth is utterly futile.  The ego supposedly seeks a map to God and Heaven, to enlightenment, to self-realization, etc, etc, etc, etc.  When the ego is informed that it has no more reality than the material matrix it perceives to be its home, it recoils.  This is what produces occasions for many egos of dream to call Light darkness and Truth error, for this is not the sort of light and truth egos are interested in.

The Primary Essence being told in the Story of this Grand Divine Play is the progressive exposure of the fact that the ego or so-called human mind is an impostor, that such is not real and therefore can never be realized, enlightened, awakened, ascend, evolved, or become something that it is not, nor ever was.

It’s really a Fun Play where no actual harm or suffering is possible.  The Divine Cosmic Play is an Awesome Production and the Producer is none other than That Sole Infinite Consciousness which alone exists and is Embodied as All Radiant Reality Beings who are joyously poised behind every last actor/actress within the Grand Drama of Earth.

In this Story the ego at least at the start, imagines that it is capable of accomplishing anything it can conceive.  It is cast in such a role where it imagines that it is in some way the off-spring of God and therefore will somehow experience a conscious return Thereto.    Many such are apparently performing actions of the most deplorable and atrocious description upon their fellowman and their environment.  Most egos even imagine that they can build a paradise of world peace and oneness via acts of war or so-called morally structured violence, otherwise termed international police-action.  Not all egos do roles of this nature but the ones that don’t generally pride themselves on some level for not being involved in such unrighteous or indignant behavior.  Even the so-called good on the earth stage is only a more subtle manifestation of the very evil it assays to protest.    Others play roles purporting to stand aloof from both the subtle good and the evil of the dream, offering healing and instructional measures for the so-called ignorant and diseased masses, but invariable for a price—imagining that the laborer is worthy of his hire.

Everything imaginable is transpiring on the Planet Earth Stage.  All seems so incredibly involved.   But year after year seems to pass into obscurity and century upon century vanishes into the distant past and yet apparent war, unrest, love, hate, sickness, death and violent exploitation procedures continue as the prominent identifying marks of those who rule as well as the ruled upon planet earth.   Millions of books, speeches, methods and devices are offered assaying to bring the long sought after and hoped for utopia.  All such have not merely failed utterly in the present age, but in all former ages as well.   Blindness is the outstanding characteristic of the ego of dream.  Although it maintains a consistent track record of utter failure regarding it’s designs and accomplishments for the betterment of man throughout seeming millennia, still never does such acknowledge its utter incapability of ever realizing its goals.

Now is the Grand Showdown in the Amazing Play of Earth!  Now is the time when all egos are to come to their Scripted end.  But to such end no ego ever did or could bring itself, nor have egos had any interest in such an end.

However, now is a different time, even a time when earth egos in mass find they are capable of considering the idea of their very own unreality and thus incapability or attaining any of their formerly imagined wild accomplishments.  Such is the apparent point of destitution to which all have been brought who are said (in the lingo of dream) to have attained Mastership.  When apparently nothing is left the Divine Magic is said to transpire.   Such is a depiction of an event that far exceeds all ego conception of a so-called dark night of the soul.   Whenever this termination of role event has transpired down through the time-line of the Dream, the ego had so utterly and irreversibly vanished that absolutely nothing was left to ascend, awaken, become enlightened or evolve into mastership.

What then is the nature of a so-called Ascended Master? In actuality ascended masters exist alone within the distorted perception of egos of dream.  In Reality, no such entities did ever or could possibly exist. The Reality Master Being behind each and every acting role on the earth stage is simply said to be in manifestation in that place from which the ego mirage of dream has irreversibly disappeared.

Plainly speaking, Divine Masters are not evolved or made from earth egos any more than Real is made from unreal Light from darkness or Life from death!  Masters are Eternally and Immutably Such.   Impossible it is for a Master to have beginning of days or ending of Life.  Oh joy of joys, behind each and every last unreal earth role are the multiple Masters of which God is Eternally and Joyously Comprised.

The Play Divine ends with the disappearance in total of all egos of Dream inclusive of every last fictitious material stage prop thereof.   It’s like the vanishing of a water mirage in the desert.  All that’s left is That Beauty wholeness love peace limitless abundance and Bliss Kingdom Absolute which Eternally and Immutably Is.  All joyous Reality Beings behind every performing artist of the Play Are That, always were That, and Eternally shall remain the Same.

What an incredible time on planet earth!   In a sense those performing now will see the glory of it all.  Which is to say, never was there a time when actual existing Beings did not see and rejoice in the Glory of All that Is.  It’s a time second to none in the entire Story of Dream!   The capability is here now to rejoice exceedingly in this!

“Divine Beings are only ‘in’ the Cosmic Play in a similar manner to which Julia Roberts is ‘on’ the movie screen when the actual Julia is simply sitting as a joyous spectator in the theatre seat!”  (quoted from The Script pp65,66)

“Since everything is but an apparition, Perfect in being what it is, having nothing to do with good or bad, acceptance or rejection, you might as well burst out laughing!”   Longchenpa Of Tibet

(Thanks for the writings that have been made available by my friend Bill Ballard)


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