Good News Network – Paper Made From Rock Becomes Natural Eco-Alternative – 26 April 2012

One problem with making paper from trees — or even recycling paper — is the water and energy use needed for the manufacturing process.

A ton of virgin paper creates 16,000 gallons of contaminated waste water; a recycled ton of paper creates 9,000 gallons of waste. It also takes a lot of energy to make paper.

But, what if paper could be made of stone? FiberStone paper has become an eco-friendly alternative that uses 1/3 the energy of recycled paper and zero waste water. Best of all, the rock paper products are waterproof, like wax paper, grease-proof, and tear resistant.

Tree-free FiberStone brand papers use 80% calcium carbonate powder, a natural limestone that is 100% sustainable because it originates from and is returned to the earth. It is also the most abundant mineral on the Earth.

If you bought a sandwich wrapped in this paper, the wrapper would turn back to dust if left in the elements. Along with a variety of packaging material made of FiberStone, printable inkjet paper and labels are also available.

(WATCH the video below and visit the website


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