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Tony Robbins – The $15 Trillion US National Debt Deconstructed – 26 April 2012

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http://www.tonyrobbins.com/ Watch Tony Robbins discuss the $15 trillion U.S. national debt — how big is it really? And what can we do about the enormous federal budget deficit? Continue reading

Lucas – Some Interesting News – 26 April 2012

Charles Taylor Convicted on 11 Points – Special Court For Sierra Leone –   The Hague – The Netherlands : link to whole press release: Press release about trial conviction Charles Taylor Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Emergency Committee – English Transcript – 26 April 2012

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In today’s program we will discuss the socio-political affairs affecting Japan bringing you the latest behind-the-scenes information.
With me today as usual are two representatives of the world Peace committee, Mr Choudoin Daikaku and Benjamin Fulford.

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Happy News – From Concrete Jungle To Urban Oasis – 26 April 2012

From concrete jungle to urban oasis

An Oakland, Calif., program called Urban Releaf is planting trees in neighborhoods that lack foliage, restoring community pride. NBC’s Robert Bazell reports.

NBC -Making A Difference

http://www.happynews.com  link to article and  video :  link to video and article

A Message Of Hope – 26 April 2012

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Lucas – Some interesting News Facts: Asia – 26 April 2012

‘North Korea’s new missiles are fakes: Analysts : The Times Of India

TOKYO: Analysts who have studied photos of a half-dozen ominous new North Korean missiles showcased recently at a lavish military parade say they were fakes, and not very convincing ones, casting further doubt on the country’s claims of military prowess.

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Bo’s wife ‘confesses’ she poisoned British businessman : The Times Of India

BEIJING: Bo Xilai’s wife, Gu Kailai has confessed to the police that she was present in the hotel room when British businessman Neil Heywood was poisoned.

“I did it,” The Telegraph quoted Gu, as admitting to the Chongqing police and confessed that she was responsible for the murder.

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John Ward – Greece Exclusive : Brussels & Berlin Fear Anti-Troika Majority In May 6th Elections – Four Out Of Five Greek Voters Against Troika Puppet Venizelos – 26 April 2012

ImageUnder Greek Law, the publication of electoral opinion polls is illegal from two weeks before General Election dates. So between now and polling day, the views of the Greek electorate will be going behind the dark side of the moon. But The Slog has been told by Brussels sources that both there and in Berlin, there is mounting concern about an anti-Troika majority winding up as the Government. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Let It All Go – 26 April 2012

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Time is fleeting by us so quickly now, we are fast running out of time to do all we must do to be ready for this shift that awaits us. The more prepared we are the far easier this shift will be on us. Now is the time to go within and clear away the fog of ego and issues and become pure in heart. We must stop living our lives from our minds as 90% of humanity probably still does and learn how to live from our hearts. For most of us our past is stained with deep traumas that many people still carry in their bodies and minds and just can’t let go of. It is time to release these traumas so we can raise up our consciousness. These traumas keep us trapped here in 3D ego dramas and if we remain in this state it will be far more difficult to shift our consciousness to a higher dimension. We need to be lighter within and open up space for love and compassion to enter in. If we remain immersed in our past dramas we stay connected to that 3D mindset and cannot get beyond this pool of quicksand that threatens to pull us under. Continue reading

John Ward – Hackgate Day 471 : Another Cameron Turkey Comes Home To Roost – 26 April 2012

ImageJeremy Hunt’s impartiality is in doubt, and he should go.

What kind of man has friends like these?

Andrew Marr once famously remarked that Margaret Thatcher was fortunate in her choice of enemies. The problem with David Cameron is that he is too clever by half in his choice of friends. Continue reading

eClinik – Putting The Final Pieces Before The Grand Checkmate – 26 April 2012

Even with several mainstream confirmations of the Fulford Updates, skepticism towards the forthcoming Paradigm Shift still persists. One of the most palpable of these confirmations is the hundreds of CEO resignations around the globe that we, among others have documented with extremely elevated enthusiasm, last February of this year.

Today, another Fulford confirmation pops up at RT.com: Continue reading