Benjamin Fulford – Reader Updates – 27April 2012

RE: who is Drake ?

is he a person to trust ?
he was introduced to us by david wilcock and right after that david was gone , no more communication


My own primary sources tell me Drake is US military and that he is limited in what he is allowed to talk about. As with all this sort of feel good news, believe it only when you see it. However, there is plenty to see out there now to show that the bad guys are in full retreat.


Question by Jeff:

I am constantly amazed at the crap you put out and feel sympathy forthe suckers who subscribe to your site. So did the Pope resign April15th? Did all the bankers get arrested? Has Bush, Kissinger, Gates,Rockefeller etc. all been arrested ?

These  guys are taking the world down a 100 m.p.h. and you keep
spouting your false hope BS and crap about the 100 million martial
artists ready to take down the Illuminati along with the invisible
”White Dragon Society”.
You’re   a wanker and a evil wanker to boot, to give people false hope like you do. You are as big of a dope as David Wilcox and his mate
”Drake”, who is a bigger liar than you in fact. You are gonna get some serious Karma [even more than you are getting now boofhead].
”Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom”Thomas Jefferson
Based on that quote you are as thick as a brick.Kindest Regards,

Answer Fulford:

Dear Jeff,

Please understand that there is a war going on. One side says we will be in Berlin by Christmas, the other side starts the battle of the bulge. However, if you objectively analyze the news from a slightly longer term perspective, you will see that real change is happening. A few years ago, for example, before the Asian secret societies activated themselves, the talk was that China might surpass the US 50 years from now.
When I started this work, there was not a single sentence on the entire internet about the Rothschilds and very few people knew the Federal Reserve Board was a privately owned institution. Not now.
The IMF, supposedly the world’s lender of last resort, is now publicly begging for money.
Although many of the top cabalists have been detained for questioning, it is true that most of them still appear, on the surface to be free. Until we really do see them in jail and removed from power, you can be sure the war is not over yet.
All that said, like you, I will only truly believe in things when I see them with my own eyes.
Keep up the rational cynicism but please avoid slander.

Thank you,

Benjamin Fulford


RE: Leo Zagami

Hi Benjamin,

What is your response to Leo Zagami who recently said (in this recorded interview that you work for the Chinese Freemasons who use you to pump out disinfo in order to confuse the truth movement?
In 2009 you had recorded meetings with Leo Zagami. You obviously know each other: What’s going on?
Best wishes,

Answer by Fulford:

Hello, I suppose it is about time I talk about Leo Zagami and the P2 Freemason Lodge
Leo Zagami first contacted me after I sent a list (outdated) of the members of the committee of 300 to the leaders of the Green and Blue, a group also known as the triads. The triads are something like an Asian chamber of commerce and should not be mistaken with Chinese gangsters. I had explained to the Asian secret societies that this group of people were planning to murder 5 billion people and that removing them from power would be a way to save the planet.Immediately after I sent the list, Zagami came to Japan to see me and said he represented the Illuminati and the committee of 300. In his version, these Illuminati were descendants of the Roman Caesars who have ruled the West secretly during the entire era know by them as Ano Domini or AD.He said they manipulated history according to a plot given to his group by otherworldly beings 26,000 years ago (please bear in mind these people freely mix fact and fantasy and I only report what he said not what I believe).He also said that this group worships Lucifer and that they summon Lucifer, Devils, Genies and other beings through arcane rituals handed down to them by their ancestors. In one of these rituals Zagami said he ate a human fetus.In the interests of finding a peaceful resolution to the crisis caused by the Western elite’s plans for genocide, I invited him to my home and even arranged for him to publish books in Japanese.When he came, he came with an American girlfriend. To protect her privacy, I shall refer to her as Lucy. Lucy told me that after Zagami left Japan, she was going to go to the Island of Okinawa to help with a series of reggae concerts. After Zagami left, I got a call from a panicked Lucy in Okinawa telling me that the man who hired her (an African American) had tried to force her to have sex and that she feared for her safety.I told her to immediately get into a cab, go to Okinawa airport and get a ticket to Tokyo and offered to pay the ticket if she could not afford it. I also asked a female colleague to put her up in Tokyo if she could not afford a hotel.Lucy was able to return safely to Italy but then Zagami called and said that he wanted me to get the yakuza to take revenge on the man who “tried to force her to have sex.” He said that if I did not, he would send two hit men from Socily to deal with the man. I contacted a right wing Japanese activist who contacted the yakuza. The yakuza said they would happily guide the Sicilians to the man in question but that was all they were willing to do. After that, Zagami suddenly dropped the entire matter and no Sicilians ever showed up.Later I was invited to Italy to meet with members of the P2 Freemasonic lodge. When I went there, I met Lucy who told me the entire incident in Japan had been faked. She also told me Zagami was able to stay, free of charge, in various palaces around Italy.The members of the P2 lodge I met in Italy were mostly gentlemen and scholars but a few were creepy Mafiosi types.Zagami and the P2 people explained they were pagans who kept alive ancient rituals including human and animal sacrifices to entities including Lucifer and Satan. Zagami said they put on black masks and gave orders to both the Catholic Church and the Mafia.After a visit to Rome I was sent to Milan where a Cavalier of the Teutonic Knights by the name of Vincenzo Mazzara was there to act as my guide. When we met, he took out a cigar and asked if I minded if he smoked it. I told him to try to blow the smoke out of the car window. He spent the entire day blowing smoke at me in what can only be described as a deliberate and systematic manner.Mazzarra showed me a church in Milan that featured a giant sculpture of a snake wrapped around a cross and he told me the snake was his god. He also showed me a stained glass window in a cathedral featuring a black circle and said that was also his god. This black circle is the same god of death worshipped by the Nazis.That night, when I returned to the hotel, my lungs seized up. I spent hours fighting with all my might just to breathe.The next morning, Mazzara was not at the hotel to greet me at the appointed time. When I called to ask why he was late he said “I am surprised you are still alive.” When he came I told him to put away his toxic cigar or he would trigger “an extremely violent incident.” It was just a bluff but it seemed obvious to me from his reaction that he knew I knew his cigar contained poison.Later, after I had spent a week in bed in Japan recovering, a CIA representative from Europe called to tell me that based on conversations they had monitored in Italy I had not been expected to return from there alive.Later they recorded a conversation in which Mazzaro said “we should have killed him (referring to me) in Italy when we had the chance.”Mazzaro was also caught outside the house of a senior BIS member in Switzerland carrying a gun and a sophisticated lock picking device. He was also one of the drivers in a car that tried to kill Neil Keenan in Bulgaria, according to Keenan.It was Zagami who introduced me to Mazzaro.Zagami also introduced me and Neil Keenan to Daniel Dal Bosco, referring to him as a “Vatican banker.” Dal Bosco was then given $1 trillion worth of bonds to be used for humanitarian projects (like turning the deserts green) and promptly stole them.Dal Bosco was then followed around for months and led Interpol and Intelligence agency investigators to Giancarlo Bruno of the Davos World forum, Ban Ki Moon of the UN and many of the other defendants in Neil Keenan’s lawsuit.In any case, I believe the information the P2 Freemason lodge did not want me to live to tell is that they have been plotting to create a fascist world government. Their motto is “Order from Chaos,” and their mission is to bundle all of humanity into a single “fascii,” or group of slaves absolutely obedient to a single absolute ruler. link to original article


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