Lucas – The Mystery Legislative Body That Is Not Chosen By You Is Called ALEC – 27 April 2012

ALEC – The American Legislative Exchange Council  (  is essential a sort of think tank for corporations that want to bring pre-formatted bills out that are in their interest and nothing else. You can say that the bad ones want us still caught up in this system of debt-slavery and their control for pure profit and their other evil intentions they have in mind for us. 

The key thing is that Alec produces bills and laws that have been passed to the House to  essentially to be voted on right away . This is the case with CISPA and the Patriot Act and lots of other examples. Go find where these bills originated from. You will find out. So do you still know who is your legislature body in your “Democratic” State called the USA? Still not convinced the USA is a corporation not a democracy?  I leave you to answer these questions yourselves.

Alex Jones, the “Drake” and others have been talking a lot about this organization and especially that ALEC produces bills with a certain content that seems to insinuate  they have foreknowledge  or prior knowledge of events that happened or are gonna happen.

You kan find enough to feed your curiosity about ALEC on the following links

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