Lucas – The Netherlands Wondrous Budget Agreement – 27 April 2012

Just in time for Queens Day and in spite of the fall of the dutch government over the austerity budget cuts with Geert Wilders right-wing Freedom Party –  PVV the parliament formed with a small group of parties in 2 days talks a budget to fulfil  the deadline of the EU to deliver a  letter with the measurements taken to get to the 3% deficit requirements. 

Even as the elections will take place 12 september 2012 this has been pushed through. So the Dutch bow to the EU and do not do what most people wanted get rid of those rule of 3%. Reasons also for this are the advocacy of The Netherlands for the stronghold of the 3% norm that has been agreed upon in the Maastricht Treaty in The Netherlands even as France and Germany and others did not honour this norm. Now for a reason of ridicule in the EU this has been forced through.

In Dutch common rules for parliament and democracy is in general agreed upon the fact that only non-challenged policies and themes that are not  sensitive can be handled by the parliament and government till the elections. But the austerity 3% was questioned and challenged by the majority of the people therefore I have problems with these actions. And thus Dutch are again the best pupil of the class in the EU -Eurozone. I hope people remember these actions when the election is held. Now the focus is again to the south as Spain gets deeper in trouble by the downgrade to BBB+ or shall we say Greece, Italy, Portugal, Ireland if that is possible forgotten. The whole  play is still going on. We shall see when the illusion will default and the system seized to resist the new.

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