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Lisa Gawlas – It’s Time To Live Beyond The Obvious And The Comfortable – 27 April 2012

I think, pretty much since the day I was born, my life has been very much like a white water river ride with occasional rests spots along the way.  It has taken me a long time to be able to maneuver the rapids proficiently, and there is no doubt had I not had my spiritual awakening 12 years ago, I would be trashing beneath these intensifying currents. Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Reader Updates – 27April 2012

RE: who is Drake ?

is he a person to trust ?
he was introduced to us by david wilcock and right after that david was gone , no more communication


My own primary sources tell me Drake is US military and that he is limited in what he is allowed to talk about. As with all this sort of feel good news, believe it only when you see it. However, there is plenty to see out there now to show that the bad guys are in full retreat. Continue reading

Lucas – The Netherlands Wondrous Budget Agreement – 27 April 2012

Just in time for Queens Day and in spite of the fall of the dutch government over the austerity budget cuts with Geert Wilders right-wing Freedom Party –  PVV the parliament formed with a small group of parties in 2 days talks a budget to fulfil  the deadline of the EU to deliver a  letter with the measurements taken to get to the 3% deficit requirements.  Continue reading

Lucas – The Mystery Legislative Body That Is Not Chosen By You Is Called ALEC – 27 April 2012

ALEC – The American Legislative Exchange Council  ( http://www.alec.org)  is essential a sort of think tank for corporations that want to bring pre-formatted bills out that are in their interest and nothing else. You can say that the bad ones want us still caught up in this system of debt-slavery and their control for pure profit and their other evil intentions they have in mind for us.  Continue reading

Alex Jones – House Passes CISPA : Red Alert! – 27 April 2012

So this is how freedom dies.

Ronna Herman – Archangel Michael – Accessing Your Personal Source Of Creator Light – Message For May – 27 April 2012

Beloved masters, it is a worthwhile endeavor and often a great adventure to visit the ancient Sacred Sites around the world; however, the most powerful source of the White Fire Essence of Creator Light is within your own Sacred Heart chamber. As you move beyond the distortions of the third- / fourth-dimensional reality into the higher planes of consciousness, your human auric field will once again begin to blaze forth with radiant, purifying Light. Many of you are well on your way to achieving the radiance of an en-LIGHTEN-ed Self-master. When Sacred Love is present, all is in harmony. Continue reading

Linda M. Robinson – Archangel Zadkiel – Embracing Your Divine Feminine Aspect – 27 April 2012

Greeting My Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Lady Amethyst, my counterpart, bringing you a message from The Divine Light.

Today we wish to talk with you about the importance of embracing The Divine Feminine within.  As you know, you are composed of the masculine and feminine essences, regardless of which form is outermost in this lifetime.  Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Sun And Stars – 27 April 2012

God said:

Whatever frustration may be in front of you, you don’t have to kowtow to it. You do not have to give up your peace of mind because of a technical difficulty on Earth. Difficulties do not have to get the better of you. Simply take life as it comes, and don’t get all fretted about it.

You really know that most difficulties are temporary. The electricity went off? It will come back on. You car stalled? Your car won’t always be stalled. It will be running fine again, and you will toddle down the highway again. Your basement flooded? It won’t always be flooded. It will be dry again. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Spain Long-Term Debt Lowered To BBB+ From A, With Negative Outlook; 100% Certain Conditons In Spain Worsen – 27 April 2012

Why Spanish debt was Rated “A” for as long as it has been remains a mystery. Indeed BBB+ seems like a gift. Nonetheless, expect howls from Europe as Spain Cut by S&P for 2nd Time This Year on Banks, Economy.

Spain’s sovereign credit rating was cut for the second time this year by Standard & Poor’s on concern that the country will have to provide further fiscal support to banks as the economy contracts. Continue reading

Wolfspirit Radio Blogtalkradio – Mz.Mugzzi – Freedom Reigns With Deatra, Drake and Randy Maugans – 27 April 2012

Link to radio show 26 April 2012  – (The interview begins about 11,5  minutes due to technical difficulties.)

Updates with Drake and Deatra on current events.

Randy Maugans will be covering topics such as Common Law, Strawman, and Birthcerticate.  Learn where the laws are now currently, and how we are changing back to the law of the land.

Learn how your Strawman is being used.  You could be worth more than you know.

http://www.FreedomReigns.us / http://www.WolfSpiritRadio.com