Visionkeeper – Time To Create Your Dreams – 27 April 2012

As the shift approaches, the time of preparation picks up speed. I mentioned yesterday about going within to figure out who you really are, do you have integrity? While you are in there moving stuff around looking for answers, take time to kick back and day-dream about how you want your new life to be. What would you truly want to do or be? Where would you want to be? What would your ideal life scenario look like? Think it about it, see yourself in it, feel your emotions while you are in it. What does it sound like? Are you in the country with the birds singing or can you hear the hustle and bustle of the big city and all it has to offer? What will you do with all the extra time freedom brings for you? How will you adjust to these changes? People will tend to want to say “Heck I’ll be just fine not having to work”. If that is all you have ever known, while free time is fun, being totally free will take some adjusting to. It is not always easy filling up free time if you are not used to it.

Often times we live our lives not realizing half of what is transpiring. Have you ever stopped to think if your job defines who you are in many ways? If that job is no longer there in your life, who will you be then? Perhaps you were a doctor, or a lawyer, or a bus driver. Now who will you be? Not who you will be as in what job will I do next, but as in who am I if I am not a lawyer, doctor or bus driver? Many of the things we were immersed in in our lives will no longer be needed and therefore our jobs will no longer be needed. Soon we will be able to heal ourselves of all disease, crime and discontent will be a thing of the past so lawyers will not be needed as often, our ability to now be able to use mental telepathy will eliminate our need for the internet, astral travel will eliminate the need for cars or buses or trains. This is where we are eventually headed and life will be very different indeed. Are we ready?

It is time to step out of our small personal worlds and view the bigger picture. Many don’t stop to think about all of the layers of change that will take place. This is where people finally begin to realize the interconnectedness of all life. Most everything is dependent upon everything else, take something away and everything changes. Change is never easy to incorporate into our lives and we need to prepare ourselves emotionally for all of the possible changes this shift in consciousness may bring. This is why I say take time to really think about who and what you want to be. Now we will be given the opportunity to create any life we choose so it would be wise to give it some thought so you aren’t left floundering along with no direction, no job and no identity now.

Things are soon to become very different indeed. Whether it is within ourselves, within society, even earth changes may take place making the world around us completely different. We just don’t know the answers to any of this possibilities yet. It can often lead to great apprehension, the unknown to most is quite daunting. This is where learning the ability to stay heart centered and to believe strongly that all will be well no matter what chaos is going on around us will help ease us through the transition. These changes are unavoidable, they are well under way right now and there is nothing any of us can do other than learn how to trust and go with the flow. If you have those two abilities life will be far easier to maneuver through.

So I suggest we stay well away from the fear mongering and concentrate on the good things coming our way, who we desire to be and what kind of life we would love to live. If we remain positive and in our hearts we will all end up in exactly the life we dreamed about. There may well be upheaval to go through in getting there but in the end we will succeed in shifting the planet out of war and greed and oppression into one of love and compassion and gratitude for all that is. This is what this journey is all about. Let us take time to clear out old issues within, learn how to think and live from our hearts, dream about and plan our new lives and awaken those around us who need help in understanding what is taking place and we will get there. Do not fear but instead trust and believe.

Blessings to you all,

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