Crystaqueous – Apparent Journey Of The Dream Ego – Part 4 – 30 April 2012

The journey of all egos through the realm of the unreal is as follows.

1) Firstly it seeks to nurture itself by exploiting the world.  This done…

2) next it seeks to save the world.  This done…  (All dream drummers—teachers and healers—fall under this category).

3) next comes the awareness that since it cannot save itself how can it save the world.  This done…

4) next it seeks someone to save itself.  This done…

5) next comes the acknowledgement—how can there be salvation for what has no reality?  This done…

6) Nothing is left to think or do. This done…

7) Sudden Ascension transpires—the ego is no more.

Correspondence with a Friend

Feb 9, 2012

(In Reference to the Interview with Crystaqueous at

The question:

There is one question that came up while watching your interview with usunlimited on Vimeo. Why so much emphasis on the dissolution or ascension of the body? It is and will be a dream body, won’t it? And would it mean that someone is not enlightened if he or she leaves behind a body? Ramana Maharshi, the great Indian sage, for instance, appears to have been completely self realized, as far as I am able to judge… yet he left behind a body, maybe because he didn’t want to frighten them by its disappearance… I realize this is a dream question, but, well… I have witnessed the last breath of several dear Ones, and although there was something appalling in their withering away – and sometimes a rather gruesome death struggle – there were also profound moments of deep love, light and sharing. And after their deaths what remained was an empty vessel and the realization that the spirit was gone from it, yet not from the One Presence… Big hug and love, ……


This is a worthy question.

It is essential that this communication begin with the following:

The Crystaqueous Disclaimer

This is not an instructional note as there is no one in existence who could possibly fall into the category of ¨needing¨ instruction.  Hence these utterances offer not a whit of hope to any for none exist who need hope.  Such alone constitutes declarations of That which Joyously Is. Of a surety, there are no beings that can come to know That which Is.  All that Is—Is Eternally and Immutably That!  Consequently, never are these utterances advanced as an attempt to change the minds of any or to divert play acting entities from the visions that each hold in their own heart.  Such can never actually be done anyway even though it may appear to some to the contrary.  All writings constitute simple statements depicting the nature of the Drama Divine as related to Reality Absolute.  That which is written obviously is known by All, for the All is the Sole Eternal Knower.

The thing that instantly comes to mind is:

In the Dream Scheme there are only two ways a dream (make-believe) body disappears—but disappear it must. The first is by apparent death as you so plainly pointed out.  The second is by Divine Cued Ascension such as has characterized all Play entities that have ascended. Jesus Babaji St Germain etc., etc. are examples in point. With these no so-called dead dream body was ever found to be deposited into a hole in the ground. Such is simply the fun nature of the Divine Play. Where did these “bodies” go?  Nowhere—not any more than dream bodies going into the ground and allegedly disappearing under the dirt.  But the difference is this: only in reference to truly ascended situations (for lack of a more fluent way to language it) where a dream entity is said to have reached the ultimate Spirit goal, is there no body found to bury.  Its like Jesus said: “Let the dead bury the dead.”   Of course, in actuality there is no ascension self-realization etc, etc.  All of what God Is is Reality!  Hence, impossible it is that any part of what God (The Absolute Reality) Is could ever fall forget or descend in any way shape or form!  Besides God there is nothing!  The Earth Play is all make-believe.  These things you know well ……

Probably the most effective manner in which to language this (not that there are any existing who did or could benefit from a most effective manner of languaging anything, is to portray all in the sense of a water mirage. The water seems from a certain perspective, to cover up the sand which is what’s really there all the time.  When the water disappears so to speak, most certainly it doesn’t become or evolve into the sand.  The water is not real.

It is acknowledged that it is very difficult for the mind-human to grasp the thought that many of its so-called prized gurus, who were assumed to have been so-called fully “self-realized” beings, were not such at all.  The ego paints a picture it can conveniently deal with as its straw man so it can feel justified in its self-styled method of attaining enlightenment.  None of such makes any difference.  Such are the myriad game roles of the dream none of which are contrary to the Pre-design of the Play Script.

However, we have now come, in the Great Cosmic scheme, to that place where the ego has absolutely nothing left to hold onto.  All its pet theories are disappearing at lightening speed nothing remaining save the realization that there truly is no way to God or Heaven period!  There never was.  All that God and Heaven Are, always was, and never has changed one iota. There is no salvation no redemption no deliverance no enlightenment no self realization no awakening period.  There is only multiple play-egos coming to nothing—non-existence, the Reality God Beings behind each remaining as ever The Eternally Unchanged Reality Absolute that Such Infinitely Are.

Now is the Joyous Time of all remaining egos of Dream to die, disappear like the water, and only the Sand, God, remains as Ever It Is and in the very place It Always was.  There is no place or thing that God is not.  God Is All, All Is God.

The ego of dream up until the present has been powerfully and primarily characterized by its tenacious determination to build a heaven here in this illusion world.  To evolve become ascend become God-like enlightened etc, etc, etc, etc, etc…..  This is the funny Story being told in the Earth Play.  Interestingly enough, so-called millions of years and/or life times in the dream have been fraught with egos trying to build a divine utopia and achieve world peace.  At every moment the ego feels it is at the closest point to actually achieving this goal.  But never is it reached because that is not the goal in the Script of the Divine Play.

It’s like the carrot tied to a stick that’s strapped to the side of the horse.  The delicious prize dangles just two feet or so out in front of the horse.  No matter how long or fast and hard the animal runs the carrot is not attainable.  In the final analysis it is clear—there is no carrot and there is no horse!  Strange—the shapes that wording takes to depict these dream things.

It is for this same reason there is no ”True” teaching. There is only a barrage of theories that the ego thrives on and promotes to take up space and time along its journey to the land of nothing left!  Such is the way of the Glorious Divine Play.

Again Jesus said those strange words: “woe unto them who are satisfied.”  The ego is said to be satisfied that it has a hell to shun and a heaven to win and rests assured that via the myriad methods marked out by other seemingly more ‘enlightened’ egos it will be carried to this imaginary goal.  Interestingly enough, only when there is nothing left for the individual ego of dream upon which it may rely or rest satisfied, is the Divine Magic said to happen.

But again, to this end no ego can bring itself nor is it initially interested in such.  It requires nothing short of a Divine Act or the Timed Cuing of Infinity to bring each dream ego to such a seemingly hopeless state.  In my writings this is termed stage-one role termination whereat the erroneous human mind sinks, is utterly obliterated, never to again arise.  To such play acting entities stage two or ‘body’ termination is inevitably soon to transpire.

Not many, in relationship to the common masses along the time-line of the dream, have been brought to this full termination.  Such is by no means owing to any lack on the part of the actor on the stage.  This is simply the way of the Cosmic Play or the Pre-designed Script of the Earth Drama Divine.  The throngs of earth egos are too busy doing some great work following some great path or teacher in order to create a heaven of world peace within a material matrix which was never any more real than are they themselves.

But now is the Time—even the final scenes of the last Act of The Play of Divinity where every unusual event will so thoroughly hit the fan so to speak, that all earth egos will have simply every last prop swept, as in a flashing moment, from under their feet bringing their erroneous support system speedily and entirely crumbling to the nothingness from whence it came.

Thus the Play Ends!  The water mirage vanishes and all that’s left is the Sand—The Eternal World of Peaceful Bliss as ever It Is.  This is why it is often said that when a dreamer awakes, such awakes as God.  But this is simply a metaphor.  No one ever awakes as God. God nor any part of Such ever went to sleep on a make-believe stage of Play.  Of a Truth, there is Only God.  Therefore, behind every last role of Dream no matter how atrocious or heavenly appearing—Is God!   The Substratum behind your dream role, dear reader, Is Eternally That very Radiant Thing.

The most inclusive of my eight small Reality Absolute publications that plays with these fun concepts is—The Ascension Illusion Unmasked And The Global Consciousness Shift.

(Thanks for the writings that have been made available by my friend Bill Ballard)


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