Visionkeeper – Free Yourself – 28 April 2012

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I talk to many people these days that tell me it feels as if things were dragging along and not much was happening. I think it is imperative we stop looking outside for changes to take place and pay closer attention to ourselves. Now is a good time to practice our abilities. Let us keep finding ways to free ourselves despite the fact the dark ones continue to draw the chains tighter about our necks. They do not hold the power in their hands. They might have the military strength behind them which can be daunting, but we have our minds, our creativity and our vision not to mention our dedication to finishing this journey. We need to find ways to spread our wings and open ourselves to all that is possible. The world has endless possibilities and we are only now just beginning to tap into them. It is time we find new ways to keep our world going by creating news ways of doing things that no longer require our participation in the old ways. Time to move beyond the restrictions we have allowed to stand in our way for far too long now. It is time to free ourselves!

We can not and must not try to continue to look for ways out of the dilemmas we find ourselves in with 3D minds. We need new ways of thinking and looking at things. All of our problems we are dealing with today were created out of 3D manipulation, we are fast entering 4D right now and that calls for 4D thinking. What is 4D thinking? Thinking from our hearts not our heads is a good place to start. If someone asks us something and is looking for answers, don’t go up into your head and search, go into your heart. What does your heart feel about the situation? Bring compassion into the equation and look at it with all new eyes. We have spent lifetimes living inside our heads which has led us to living very shallow and often unfeeling lives. Peoples thoughts and feelings rarely entered into decision-making. How sad. All decisions we make today also need to incorporate all, how will our decisions affect the whole. It is time for big picture thinking and a caring for the whole of humanity and earth.

These are times when people need to bond together and begin creating a new world starting first within their communities. Okay, so most probably hard times are on the horizon for a short time while we transition into a new way of being. Lets us find ways we can help one another through these times. Grow extra big gardens this summer so you can put up food for winter and hopefully share what extras your garden produces with others who are unable to grow their own food. Begin to create barter programs where money is not needed for the things we need to survive. We all have skills of some sort we can offer others in return for what we need from them. We can make it without money despite what your Government would have you fearfully believe.

There are many, many ways we can sidestep our issues and find ways to move forward. It may be best to hold a community meeting where you can write down the names of people and what they can offer so you will have a starting point of whom to call to help with what. It may be someone needs a ride to the rest home to see their loved ones and you need a meal or two while your spouse is away. There is always someone needing something and we all have gifts we can share with others. This is where we need to start heading towards next, a way of existing in the world without money. It need not be a scene of chaos if the market finally collapses and it will. If we plan ahead and begin to draw our communities together we can get by beautifully, especially if we throw in some love and compassion as well.

I keep talking about creativity over and over but can we not see how vital it will be in our future to be able to activate creativity, to be able to think and feel our way around our problems rather than succumbing to them? We have forgotten how to use our creativity and we will need it greatly if we wish to create a new world for ourselves. We certainly do not want to build it from our 3D way of thinking. That is a recipe for disaster for sure. It is time to begin living in all new ways, new everything. The old ways do not work any longer and actually were part of the reason we had our freedoms stolen. We do not ever want to go back to that way of being again. To free ourselves we must open our hearts and minds and learn how to embrace the new without fear of losing the old.

Blessings to you all,

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