Bill Ballard – Depleted Uranium Factory In Japan Exploded – Cloud Heading To USA In Next Days – 29 April 2012

( Lucas : this morning at 6 am I found this article from Bill Ballard in my e-mail, Gillian reported on it and I re-post here about the news. The following is the e-mail message from Bill Ballard)

What a trip! All this just keeps getting more interesting all the time.

3,400 Containers of Depleted Uranium exploded in Japan a few days ago… Wowzers! News is not in the global news feeds “yet.”

If you are in the USA don’t be playin’ in the rains these next weeks (or anymore for a while) unless you want to glow in the dark.

4/27/2012 — Cloud of depleted URANIUM heading towards Hawaii and West Coast USA

Bill Ballard

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