Crystaqueous – An Observation – Part 3 – 29 April 2012

Theoretical volleyball seems to be significant.  Since such is present here obviously it must form an intricate part of—perhaps, a divine play? or whatever is in progress on planet earth.

It has been said that limitation is really not any more actual anywhere any more than is birth or death.  However, these, along with a seemingly endless list of other similar considerations are said to be present on the Earth Stage.

It seems very apparent that all performers on the stage of dream start out with the conscious perception that no alternate reality exists except for those which may be imagined in the mind only.  However, none of these have ample substantiation or proof of existence so to speak, to cause such to prevail or be acceptable as an authentic optional reality.  These may range all the way from ET’s coming to save the race or at least the righteous of such, a Messiah returning with the same purpose, or simply mankind evolving out of a world of painful separation war and greed into a grand and harmonistic Utopia.

A common denominator underlies all such theories: namely, none seem to bear anything other than a barrage of idol words in support of their authenticity.   However, this in the final analysis is really never good enough.  When it comes right down to the bottom line, no one really feels there is sufficient reason that they should take another’s words as adequate ground that what they report is actually so.  It may be so for them but if they have no other supportive documentation than simply their many words, the utterance of such really amounts to naught but a waste of energy and time.

It is due to this type of scenario that many of this time, have concluded that the anciently clung to and revered idea called faith is unquestionably obsolete.  Clarity additionally and unanimously declares that the present is a time in which the age old trend of seeking gurus among the world of men is over and done with.  For after prolonged and deep analysis the realization surfaces that—nothing but much talk, the formation of endless study groups, the seemingly endless mental gymnastics of those newly arriving on the scene thinking to play the role of savior but equipped only with more so-called great and cunning words of wisdom in attempt to solidify these so-called time-honored truths of the sages of old—is the sole fruit of such mentality. Attention to such scenarios seems to be rapidly approaching entire deletion.

Such is the manner in which human mind processes on the stage of the Drama of Earth.   It all comes down to the basic fact that simply everything must produce the so-called type of evidence or proof that the human sense system can validate or such is tossed aside as worthless.  In other words, if such validation is lacking entire conscious rejection is in order as the only feasible recourse.

Such is the apparent predicament of the mind of dream.  It is left with no alternate means of dealing with all issues no matter their level of importance, than the very mind itself that perceives it lives in the midst of such issues. For in the final analysis, where is the evidence that any so-called path to enlightenment and paradise has truly benefited anyone?

Whew!!!!!!!, one says!  Does any hope really exist for the survival of the multitude of so-called humans, i.e., separate little selves on planet earth?

In the arena of this very earth mind, is another notion capable of consideration?  Namely, is it feasible to perceive in all this apparent chaos a wonderful design at work bringing the human ego to entire exhaustion and extinction at last?  The sole hope of the ego is that such has no hope!

Are these words strange?

“The whole world is racing in the wrong direction for everyone is terrified of non-existence.  That is, in reality, the only certain refuge.” Rumi

(Thanks for the writings that have been made available by my friend Bill Ballard)


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