David Wilcock – Update On His Major Events : Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks – 29 April 2012

(Lucas : As stated before use your utmost discernment in reading, hearing, seeing as it might not be the truth brought out in full or balanced and fair nor might it be your truth.)


We are about to post the next round of this battle — prior to my finishing the Divine Intervention piece.

It has taken quite a while to get everything properly in order, and I have had quite a grief process to work through on a personal level. Part of the problem is I see the site where it happened every time I go for a walk.

Nonetheless, I have made excellent progress.

Amazingly, when I went in to start the new article today, in preparation for posting, the exact time was 18:18:18 — down to the second. It was also 18:18 when I originated the previous article.

I must admit that even after seeing a lot of these synchronicities, this one particularly shocked me.

I couldn’t believe it was timed down to the second in this case, but there it was — right in front of me. Consciously, I had no knowledge that this might happen — but somehow my body just did it right on time.


I did have a dream, over a year ago, that this same friend could potentially die if I confronted the “Illuminati” like this.

I told him about the dream and discouraged him from his idea of trying to have a direct, in-person meeting with them. He had hoped that he could change their minds, but I said this would only get him killed.

The same dream said that others I know, and myself included, would be fine, but this particular friend might be lost. Right after having this dream, he called me and wanted to attempt to solicit an in-person meeting with them.

I said this was almost certainly impossible — and at the time, I thought that it was only a warning about what would happen if he actually tried to get that meeting. Now I see it differently.

I was quite shocked to remember this dream in retrospect. It came in while I was staying at a hotel for a conference in Atlanta.

The next step is imminent — so stay tuned.

Read it and look it up  at http://www.divinecosmos.com.

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