Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – What Is A Once In This Life Time Experience – 30 April 2012

God said:

Although happiness seems to elude you, you are following it. Cardboard cartons may be strewn, seeming to block your happiness. The cartons topple over. You jump around them or leap over them or fall in the midst of the toppled boxes, yet you get up, and you keep going. Something keeps you hopping even in Silence. Where does the energy you have come from?

Where else but from Me? Who fathered you? Who fostered you? Who brought you to land?

You may complain that I take you away. You object to the illusion called death, and, yet, you squirm about it while you have life on Earth. You object to what you see as loss, and yet you don’t necessarily love the life that is yours right now. You want to keep it even though you may object to it. Make up your minds, beloveds.

Life was handed to you, and yet it is not a hand-out. You have to do something with it. I gave you a great gift. Run with it. Take it far. This is a once in this lifetime experience. It is everything, yet it is precious. Clasp it to you. Give life a hand up. Offer it a seat. Treat it well. Think well of it. Before you know it, this life on Earth will be done. Do not say it is over while you are still on the course and your life is still making its mark. Do not let life slip between your fingers.

So, you say that life is not perfect? Nor, in the eyes of the world, are you perfect. What is so bad about imperfect? Look at what you even imperfect can accomplish. Look at what you have done, and, now, accomplish more. Pirouette, and accomplish more.

Take your life out of the mothballs, in case you have been storing it. If you have been frittering life away, hang it in the sunshine and give it a good whirl. Love this life that is running toward you, seems to be running toward you. Certainly, you don’t want to chase life away. Don’t overlook it. Have fun with it.

Believe it or not, you are gaining mastery over life. You are gaining peace. It may not seem so to you because life keeps upturning the apple cart, but that is life for you. It keeps you guessing and turns you around and blindfolds you. Life has its way with you, its say with you, its day with you. Life takes you on what seems like an obstacle course. Still, it dandles you on its knee. It plays horsie with you. It may tumble you down a hill, and then it will surprise you with a field of clover. Life is one-pointed. Its focus is on giving you a run for your money. All the while, life is showing you your mettle. It may take you for a ride, yet it always shows you the sights. Life is making a man of you, or a woman of you, a child of you, someone who recollects the far or near past and makes something of it. Life is the making of you.

Come out of life alive. You are the runner of this marathon called life. You are what it is for. You have always been the aim of life and the course of life. You have been running the gamut. Even when the gamut may seem like a gauntlet to you, life is a favor given to you.

Say, “Thank you.” Say, “Thank you very much, Life.” Say, “Life, I have caught up to you. You are mine. I have you by the tail. You may make me what I am, yet I also make you what you are. Life, you are an original, all right. I accept your offer of life, and I run with it, and I thank you for your giving me a chance at it. You gave me a great gift, and we have had a good race together, and the race is still on.” link to original article


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