Lucas – Reflections Of Conscious Being – 30 April 2012

In a wave of happiness I found myself when I read beautiful testimonies of wonderful lightbeings I not knew before. I got to know them by what they told. I heard what they said and saw what they expressed. It better said feeling, feeling One with their  stories and One with them in being One.

It is not a vague thing nor crap. It is like coming home after having some beautiful experiences with friends  together and having a super time. Or it is like walking in nature and seeing the beauty that surrounds us. Or See it like  meeting new people who give you new insights and broaden your horizon. Then you come home and sit fulfilled on your  couch home and enjoy those moments again.

You have the remembrance of reflections of being a conscious being. The light that has interacted with you from others and mother earth and the flora and fauna on her  is  part of you.  You are One with all and it has given you more than you hoped for.  You have felt the ultimate bliss of Oneness and love in a moment in time.

The reflections of your conscience soul will soon experience the floating in eternal Oneness. Oneness will be ours to be for ever as the shift to the higher energy fields. The shift of ascension or the full conscious light being. It is not new nor is it something abstract, it is just a state of being that the original you. You have remembered the source of those reflections. Those reflections will be an all filling radiance of Oneness.

Thus the reflections become from an image to a  manifestation. We are  gonna be the creators of our worlds in this field of Oneness. Our source of all that is. The source that you are part of. And the Source that is part of you also and is us and is all. We live still in a twilight thinking of things being or not. We will experience the Oneness in seeing things just are.

I have remembered just a reflection of what is to be. We all will soon be having it all. Oneness in all and for all.

In love and light,


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