Crystaqueous – Detachment – Part 5 – 1 May 2012

Yes, whatever is coming our way in this time is best to be wholeheartedly embraced and not run away from.  The whole concept of detachment is far distorted on the dream stage.  This is by no means saying that such is out of sorts with the Script Divine.  Impossible it is for anything to be out of time or place here, contrary to many appearances and so-called human-mind notions.  Detachment is invariably in distortion when it is consciously planned and worked at by the dream mind.  Detached all will surely become—even from their very own erroneous self.  But such will occur only by the Cuing of Divinity—even while the mind human remains in its last-ditch attempts to halt all thought and effort toward this and having an acute awareness of its utter helplessness to achieve such.

What is getting clearer than ever in this time is the need to openheartedly embrace every moment and every event and every thought and experience that comes one’s way.  And to embrace it with love and joy and a complete sense of freedom as well.   If one still tries to resist anything for so-called spiritual reasons entertaining the idea of purifying oneself thereby, that (whatever it is) is going to return time and again until it is totally faced and embraced.

Religious institutionalism has taught the masses to abstain from this and that etc, etc, etc, etc.  And obviously, this as well was an episode of dream history which was indispensible to the unfolding of the Grand Story upon the Earth Stage.  But now that page has turned never again to return.   Presently, we witness the collapse of religious institutionalism planet-wide whether it be main-stream systems of orthodoxy or the multitude of ashrams and monasteries etc., etc., inclusive of their myriad steps modalities and practices.

Whenever a parent over-restrained a child or a government legislated its multiplicity of restricting laws, the child and common masses rebelled.  No one seemed to have a clue as to why!  All were taught that this was necessary for the “good” of all.  Multitudes beyond number in the context of religion were subtly taught to “willingly” submit to spiritual legislation which brought the same results deep in the subconscious, but which invariably expressed in emotions of unhappiness stagnation and the feeling of traveling in endless seeming circles going nowhere.  All dictators and world conquerors as well as dream philosophers were among these legislators.   It’s all gone now due to the clarity that’s presently bombarding the Dream Stage.  The Last Act is upon us!  And the masses are shouting—“Bring it on!”

Obviously the roles of all the so-called “great” sages played a blessed part in the sequence of The Earth Drama Divine.  None are to be discredited in any way shape or form.  Without their parts the Grand Story could not have been told.  For that matter nothing—not one event of the Divine Script—not even the Hitler episode is to be discredited for all are simply non-actual and harmless events on a make-believe stage where every detail and appearance never was nor could be the way things Really Are.  Impossible it is that so-called birth and death, inclusive of all the sorrow between, have any actual existence!  This is to say plainly, that behind all the unreality of stage performing are the myriad Loving Entities of which God is blissfully comprised, telling an incredible Story for Joyous Entertainment purposes alone.

(Thanks for the writings that have been made available by my friend Bill Ballard)

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