Dutchsinse Gets Under Attack Again By False Accusations – 1 May 2012

Uploaded 1 may 2012 by on youtube.

This is highly unacceptable: just put out by the weatherspace


And this is not the first time.. they falsely accused me last year of FAKING the RADAR data and then using my “special weather knowledge” to deceive my viewers??!!! : here is their “deleted” post from last year:


rebuttal (sort of..actually more like defending oneself from totally false accusations).. not even a debate here..

I have been legally wronged by this company.

They tried to NOT name me, but in the process of claiming IM THE ONLY PERSON MAKING THE FORECASTS and then unfortunately in the same article using the term I coined HAARP ring.. indeed they referred to me personally.

hey kev.. check it out!



Looks like claiming Im the only one might turn out to backfire on Kevin Martin (senior meteorologist at http://www.theweatherspace.com )

Word to the wise for any official company or meteorologist… don’t level personal ad-hominem false libel defamatory slanderous statements about others from your company platform. It might not be good for the other people who work with you / for you.

Unless of course they are referring to someone else and my forecasts are all good ! lol

so.. lets get to it.. its nothing but false accusations followed by this guy telling you how hes WORKING FOR HAARP… epic…

First false accusation :

That I am scamming, frauding, or faking HAARP rings and the storms that hit the center of the rings within usually 48 hours.

I AM NOT FAKING SCAMMING OR FRAUDING ANYTHING…. I show it live and provide all the links and screenshots so people know Im not adding in any rings.

When I show storms two days later HITTING THE RINGS CENTER — again I take screenshots , live video, and provide the links for verification.

It is a FACT that rings appear.. and it is a FACT that storms are hitting the center of the rings.

2nd false accusation:

That I am stealing other peoples forecasts … and that is how I am accurate.

THIS IS A BLATANT LIE.. DOWNRIGHT FALSE ACCUSATION !!!! I show how I pick the towns.. I don’t just pick general areas.. I name the TOWNS..I USE NO OTHER FORECASTS .. I DON’T READ ANY WIND SPEEDS , TEMPS, or PRESSURE…

The ONLY thing I use in the HAARP ring forecast to pick a town is the HAARP RING!!!!

3rd false accusation:

That I am the only one who can make these forecasts.

FALSE ! several other people make their own forecasts based upon HAARP rings.. a simple search on youtube turns up many.. ALSO I HAVE STATED PUBLICLY time after time.. the simple process of my forecast is as such… ANYONE CAN DO IT as I have said…

Look for a heavy ring signature , square, or rectangle signature on RADAR.. zoom in on the area and NAME THE TOWN.. then watch the town for 2-3 days to see if it gets hit.

Time after time we have seen DIRECT hits even down to the cross streets named. This is all documented .

Everything I have said in the video, written above, or written at this link below, I will stand by and testify to as TRUE in a court of law.

Last time I checked, it was Illegal to level these sorts of accusations publicly in writing from an official company platform … care to prove your claims in court Kevin Martin?

I can provide all links and proofs to show I am not scamming or faking any of this.


forecast confirmations talked about in the video:


here is another great example:

Here is a great example of a past forecast using the ‘HAARP ring / Circle Sweep / Scalar Square” method:

Sunday, April 22 , 2011 — St. Louis Lambert airport was hit directly with a tornado.

On April 19 2011 .. 2 1/2 days BEFORE Lambert was hit.. I issued this alert for LAMBERT AIRPORT DIRECTLY..


here is footage of that direct hit from INSIDE the airport from April 22, 2011 …



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