Emmanuel Dagher – Energy Forecast The New Earth May 2012 – 1 May 2012

Hi my beautiful friend,

With so much happening in our personal lives and globally, I’m so grateful we can take this moment right now to connect with each other again.

The theme for this month will continue to expand on action as we move forward (previously mentioned in the April forecast.) The exciting news for this month is that there’s also great potential for us to materialize some of the desires and goals we’ve been diligently working towards in our personal lives and globally.

On the world stage, we are already seeing a few examples of the materialization of our desire for a better world. We are seeing Intelligence Agencies, oil and other corporate companies be held accountable for their covert actions of the past. To continue with this big push forward of transparency, all that is asked of us is that we continue to remain grounded in love, and send this love to everything and everyone around us, even towards these systems and companies.

Have you noticed how many companies are now choosing to turn a new leaf in the way they do business, and operate with more integrity? There seems to be a higher focus on choosing to be more conscious and green. They know that the world is changing, and so they must also adapt in order to continue moving forward. What a great confirmation of the changing times! These companies are mirroring how we as individuals are also shifting out of the old paradigm and into a higher state of being.

Asking for What We Really Desire

On a personal level, this is an excellent time to get clear on what we want in our lives. Most of us already know, however for those of us who don’t, that’s okay as well. Here are some great questions we can ask ourselves to get more clarity on what we want to create more of in our lives:

– “What makes my heart sing?”
– “What can I do to create more joy in my life?”
– “What do I really want to create more of in my life?”

These are just a few simple questions that can help us start to get clear on what we really want to experience more of in our lives. Once we are clear, we can begin letting go of the hesitations and blocks that have prevented us from asking for what we really desire most for ourselves. What I mean by this is, many of us have been conditioned to only ask for the bare minimum when it comes to receiving help and support from others, and even from the Universe. When we share and express what we really desire with the Universe and those around us, we open ourselves up to receiving opportunities we may not have otherwise had a chance to experience before. The thing is, the Universe wants to give us everything we’ve ever desired for ourselves, it’s just about how open we are to receiving it. As more of us align with the New Earth, we will find it easier to ask for what we really desire, because we’ll have the inner knowing that we absolutely deserve it.

The New Earth

Speaking of the New Earth, what is it really? Everyone has their own unique perspective of what the New Earth is. From my own experience, I have come to understand that the New Earth is more about a state of being, rather than some place we are going to. The New Earth both on a personal and global scale is the paradigm where we operate from a place of love, compassion, respect, and integrity.

The New Earth can only exist in the present moment. It cannot exist in the past or in the future, because a mind that constantly lives in the past usually has energies of regret, guilt, and shame attached to it, and a mind that constantly lives in the future tends to dwell on what’s next all the time, which often manifests itself as worry, lack, fear and stress, which never really allows us to fully enjoy the present moment. When we are fully in the present moment, we are at our most powerful. In the present moment, we are in a place of trust, ease, love, miracles and connection which are all qualities that embody the New Earth.

Anchoring the New Earth

The New Earth is not just about a future Utopia, it’s already here now. Many of us move in and out of the New Earth on a daily basis whether we are aware of it or not. To be more in the New Earth, we simply have to be here now. It sounds like an easy concept, however we have become so used to multi-tasking with the integration of cell phones, computers, and other technologies in our daily lives that the mind sometimes has a hard time relaxing enough to get present. With a little dedication to quieting the mind everyday, we can quickly move back into the present moment. There are many wonderful processes that can help us do just that. By incorporating things like meditation, intentional breathing, being of service to others, letting go and forgiving the past, unconditional kindness, peaceful walks, connecting with nature, affirmative prayer, pampering ourselves, and gratitude into our daily routine, we can gently align ourselves back into the present moment and the New Earth.

The New Earth is all around us. We can find it in the smile of a baby, a radiant sunset, a wise oak tree, lunch with a good friend, in ourselves, and in each other. The quicker we realize that the New Earth is less about a destination we are headed towards, and more about a state of being, the sooner it will become a very real experience for humanity as a whole.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,


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